When you know it’s time to sell???

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  1. Hi All
    Would love your views and help on this.

    I have two favourites mm in the DE and DA. I live in London so mostly will go for the DE version. I don’t use the DA much which I’ve had since 2015 . I wanted the jungle pochette double zip and told hubby that I would sell the favourite DA to funding. Hubby said it’s up to me but he knows I don’t use the DA much.

    I got the pochette double zip in the jungle and have not stopped using it. I have but my favourite DA up for sale but am now seconding guessing myself if I really should sell it . I don’t know if the issue is that I have the same bag twice. In the pass I have not been very good at have a bag in more than one print as a I always tend to favourite one of them. I used to use the favourite DA loads before I got the DE version

    I know I don’t use it much and when I went to sell it , I cleaned all the marks off so I don’t worry about the colour transfer because with little bit of water and soap it comes straight off.

    When do you know it’s the right time to part with something?
    Do you ever get sellers regret?
  2. If something does not work for you, no matter how much you like it, then it’s not going to work for you.
    Some keep it just in case, kept in a drawer and still no wearing it, others give it a second chance and force themselves to use it.
    However you already have something new you’d rather use, and the DE one so I’d sell.
    In general, I never buy 2 of the same.
    It’s normal to have sellers remorse as maybe you have in your mind the certain bag with certain memories, but in the end wouldn’t it be better for it to be used (like the reason it was created for) by someone who loves it?
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  3. I think if you have any doubts, don't sell it. I only have two LV bags, I have the Speedy 30 and the Favourite MM. I love them both and can't imagine me ever selling, but I would if I desperately wanted another and knew that I would stop using one of my existing ones because of it. My Speedy is my go to work bag, or when I'm carrying more and my Favourite MM is for when I'm just out and about and don't want to carry much. Plus I can use the MM for nights out as well.
  4. When you start a thread on tpf, it’s time to sell!
  5. :tup:
  6. I know it’s time to sell when I’m not using it any more. Or when it doesn’t make my heart sing like it used to.

    In your case why don’t you think on it for a week or two? If you aren’t 100% sure try using it for a bit and see how you feel.

    Most of the time I think sellers know when it’s time to let it go. I’ve sold many bags and slg’s And I’ve only ever regretted selling one.
  7. If you're not using it, sell it.
  8. I haven’t sold any of my bags. The only item I’ve sold was the Toiletry 26 two weeks after I purchased it because I used it twice and found it too large. I know I stalked like crazy for it so I knew someone else would love it, I sold it for cost not knowing eBay charged a fee ::facepalm::
    I’ve thought about selling other bags but always feel that I may regret it because they are bags that have been discontinued. Every now and again I’ll use a bag I thought about selling and then say to myself - thank god I didn’t sell this LOL
    So it’s a personal decision - maybe use it a few times before you make your decision this was you will have no regrets.
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  9. I’m thinking of selling two in my collection, the reverse petite boite Chapeau and the reverse petite noe trunk.

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  10. I have had sellers remorse. I try to avoid that by using the bag once more, to remind myself why I am selling the bag. Then I put it away, knowing that I will sell it. I wait a few weeks, and if I want still want to sell it I do. I have found that is it easier to sell a bag to fund a new bag -- something new makes it easier to say good bye to the old! LOL
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  11. Does anyone know the best place to sell LV online? I have sold a couple things on Tradesy in the past, but only Tory Burch type stuff, nothing this expensive. I’m thinking of selling my duomo hobo which I’ve only used a handful of times so it’s in perfect condition, but it’s now discontinued from LV. I don’t know what would be my best option.
  12. I’ve had luck on poshmark and sometimes I’ll just sell to fashionphile
  13. I've only sold one bag, and it was a gorgeous little YSL cross body that just didn't fit enough, not even my phone. I had originally wanted the Chanel WOC and wasn't happy about the price, so I stupidly went another direction and.....ended up selling the YSL and buying the WOC anyway, MUCH prefer! Moral: Get what you want at the outset!

    Two years ago, I went so far as to send pics of my Mono Artsy to FP and Yoogis. I am SO grateful that I had second thoughts. I would have missed that bag so much! So for me, I really choose my bags for longevity. Practically no selling activity at all. When I did sell, the bag simply had been a poor choice due to lack of space.
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