when you intern do you get discounts?>

  1. When you do an internship like for Nordstroms or bloomingdales do you get discounts as well?? thank you
  2. i had a coworker that interned at bloomingdales...i THINK she got a discount, but i can't swear to it. i'm sure every retailer's policy is different.
  3. how did she like interning at bloomingdales?
  4. well, she said it was kind of a pain because it took an hour and a half to get there (Athens is a pretty good bit outside of Atlanta, where all the bloomies in GA are), but i think she liked the company. i don't remember her saying a whole lot about it, though...she was a tad flighty.
  5. It probably depends on the company, as every company has different policies. I know interns at my work get discounts; the same discounts as employees get. My friend interns for Chanel and she gets discounts too but only gets a limited amount of items (3 handbags a year).
  6. oh wow chanel?? that would be amazing! did she get big discounts?