When you hear bad news...

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  1. I agree with jag, I can get in some awful slumps, I try to take the focus off myself as much as possible, read to kids, visit the Sr Citizen center, it renews me!
  2. I am sorry you have been down, just think : if it weren't for bad days there wouldn't be good days. Look foward to the better days and keep telling yourself everything will be alright. Because IT WILL!

    I have been down lately as well. My bf has had a lot of bad luck lately. He has problems with his business, he closed one a year ago and now opened a new one. Business has been slow and he has been feeling sick for a while. He has a lot of anxiety and stress. When he is down, I am down. I tell him everyday things are going to get better. Things have been going bad for him for a couple of years already. I believe you need to mentally think about an upside and don't give up. Don't sit home alone with your thoughts. Take a walk, window shop and you always have the forum here for you. Good luck.
  3. a good hard cry, then pray.
  4. Awww, USCgerl, I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes it is tough to get yourself out of a rut... I don't know what to say without prying for more details but have a glass of wine and talk to a friend and of course, cry on our collective shoulder if you so wish!
  5. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling blue lately. I've been feeling quite down lately too due to some recent family issues. I usually pop in a good DVD with lots of munchies next to me or consult with my best friend and bf. I hope you'll feel better soon. Hang in there girl and let's all get thru these hard times together...
  6. I had it lately too and than I try to disstress myself with talking to my girl-friends, reading a good book or window shopping. I'll do it today with my friend we'll go downtown nto the nicest shops and look and touch all bags we like but the rule is not buying anything and tthan we are sitting in a nice cafe.
  7. i'm sorry you're feeling down.. **hugs from me** maybe listen to one of your favorite songs that makes you happy, or watch a favorite tv show. or treat yourself to something that you don't usually get (like a manicure or something like that) sometimes it's amusing just to go to hallmark and read all of their funny cards with one of your friends. i hope everything works out for you!
  8. I'm sorry to hear that you are down. Hang in there. Being in a rut sucks. I take a bath and try to get a good night's sleep. I make myself a mexican hot chocolate after a bath and give it a good douse of kahlua before going to bed. Sometimes, a good nights' rest will help with perspective. So does a good cry.

    Hang in there.
  9. I'm sorry that you are going through a down period right now. I think the best thing to do to try and get over it, is to do something you enjoy, as a distraction. Or, if you have close friends you feel comfortable enough with, confide in them. I know that I always feel better when I have a good talk with one of my friends.

    Hugs, and feel better soon!
  10. i hate bad news.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through hard times right now. I completely understand how you're feeling. You know things will eventually get better but just don't know when. And you also hate feeling helpless. Trust me, I know. I hate not being able to do anything about a terrible situation. Hopefully it all pass very soon and things will get back to its norm.