When you have to work hard to buy your own LV...

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  1. When you have to work hard to save and buy your own LV I think that you have a greater appreciation for what you have. I noticed that people who have there bags just given to them do not have the same sort or appreciation. If you are student and your parents buy you a huge collection there is less of an appreciation or attachment to your collection because it was to easy to get. Not sure if others feel this way. When I was a student there was no way my parents would spend thousands of dollars of an LV collection for me nor would I ever let them. My since of pride and my indepence would not let me live that way. If my dh bought my LV bags I too would appreciate them far less than what I do and they would have less value to me. THe fact that I have save and buy them myself gives me a far greater appreciation that I would not have otherwise and that is why I value my collection so much. I worked super hard to be able to afford some luxury items and I am darn proud of that and my collection. Earning things in life can sometimes be a true gift in valuing things, people and hard work. Just felt like sharing my thoughts on the subject and cheers to all of you out there that work hard and truly appreciate your LV goodies:yes: :yes: :yes: . You earned them and deserve them and should enjoy and treasure them guilt free. Appreciate what you have:yes: and all your hard work and effort to get what you want!
  2. I agree! All my LV comes from my own pocket -- not anyone else! The only bags that I've never bought for myself was my D&B tassel tote; honestly, I don't like it when people spend a lot of money on me, esp. if it was for my LV (I feel so bad!). I feel blessed that I get to own a couple of these, esp. when they're from me! :yes:
  3. Kudos to you Pug! The only thing I can say about this personally is that yes my DH has bought me a few bags and I appreciate them no less because they came from his heart and I will always treasure them for that alone. They are the bags I will NEVER part with. The ones I buy for myself, I have appreciation for but have no problem parting with.
  4. I will have to agree that when you work for things (not just LV but ANYTHING) then you tend to appreciate them more and understand their value.

    I suspect you will get flamed for this though.
  5. Yeah~I have been saved up my money for few months now...I will definitely LOVE my first LV and truly appreciate it. No Doubt!
  6. You took the words out of my mouth. :biggrin: I mostly buy all of my own stuff, because I DO appreciate it better and I don't feel bad that people are spending all of this money on me. My mom bought me a Coach purse last Christmas, and I used it for a while, but then it sat around. I felt SO BAD selling it because she had given it to me, but I never used it. This way, if I buy my own things, like bagnshoo said, I have no problem parting with them when it's time for them to go. :biggrin:
  7. *LOL No flames here!!*

    I get all of my bags/accessories from my SO...he pays for my 'wants'. I am a full time student, and my parents pay my car payment, insurance, etc...the 'must have' things. I work like 5 hours a week to pay for gas--that is my end of the bargain.

    I wouldn't say that I appreciate things less bc I don't pay for them...quite the contrary.

    I work so hard at school (Dean's Lists, etc) that I feel that I AM, in my own way, working for my bags...KWIM??

    I can't wait, however, to get a REAL job next May/June (when I graduate!!) and start paying for my own LV addiction!! :smile:
  8. i agree with bags. some of my bags i have bought myself and some my mom bought me. i love them both the same- actually the ones from my mom mean more because she hates my handbag thing and it's a big deal for her
  9. well that's a sweeping generalisation! :hrmm: Have you considered that the people who get all those bags from parents or family still cherish them beause they were gifts from loved ones?

    Well that's you perogative. BTW would you (or did you) value your engagement ring less if you didnt shell out for it?

    well you should be proud but there's no need to look down on others.
  10. Oh, another thing: if someone ever *did* get me an LV, I'd feel bad, BUT I'd keep it for a long, long time (for it has some sentimental value attached to it...nothing beats that!).
  11. hey nice thread...

    I am a student as well...and i work about 20% besides my studies...
    all the things I buy with my own money I earned in long working hours (in a restaurant of a hotel) I apprecciate very much (my last thing I bought was a Longchamp belt - I know how many hours I had to work for it).....

    there are many students in my university who get everything from their dads (I suppose...) and that makes it sooo normal for them, no???

    I am also saving now for a speedy (I give it to myself for my next birthday)...


    but I also agree with couturegrl, I do also appreciate things that were given to me as presents very much, esp. if they came from a person I do love or like very much (for example my pochette from my boyfriend...even he had so save money to buy me LV)....

  12. I WISH someone would give me an LV, but no such luck yet. I've worked really hard for all of mine, but MUST stay on the ban for now... haha... actually, not true. My exbf gave me my Panda, and I don't love it any less, cause he gave it to me, actually maybe more, maybe makes me cry... he was so mean... anyway... yes, I wish I could get a break and have someone buy it for me, I wouldn't appreciate it any less, but I appreciate all my hard earned stuff ,that's for sure. There was a long long time when I had nothing, and can't believe I have so many beautiful treasures now! Life can be so beautiful and so sad...
  13. Once in a while these type of threads come up and I always wonder what OP's intentions were when they started a thread like this.:shrugs: Kudos to you, LVpug for working hard and being able to buy your own things but you know nothing about people on this forum so don't assume things about them based on the size of their bag collection.:idea:
  14. Actually, I'm a student and my mom bought mostly bags in my LV collection. But, I'm not a spoiled child. I have to study hard enough to get one.

    I got my first one on my high school, because I got straight A in my transcript. In my undergrate, my mom bought LV for me if I got GPA 3.50 up, and because of that I graduated BA with Honour.

    I, then, entered to my Master level, I got mostly A in my transcript, so my mom bought the bag for me as my reward of study hard. (since I'm an international student, studying here in USA is not quite easy).

    Now, I'm in my 2nd of my Ph.D. I'm working with my professor and earn some money to shop for myself, so I bought my mom a LV bag for her birthday.

  15. ^your mom sounds like a sweetheart!! Keep working hard and kicking butt in school!!

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