When you guys think the new Ad will come out?

  1. I was heaing that the new ad. will be like cartoony thing with LiLo on it... then Marc Jacob told that he prefer someone els...
    so what do you guys think who will be on the new ad and when will it come out....
    to me I would love to have such a supermodel or a model like Giesal or Kate Moss or Gemma Ward:love: ieie , cause its their job to do it well, this job is not really a for celeb.....:weird: :weird: but, what do you guys think???:nuts:
    i hope the new ad will comming out soonnn
    Ps. sorry about my Englisg:lol:
  2. I think Lindsay was dropped. I hear it will be:

  3. Forgot her name: Du Juan
  4. I like her look!
  5. Last I heard it was Naomi Campbell.
  6. I really hope it is not LiLo or Naomi. Not classy. It would break my heart if people stopped seeing LV bags as classy because of the celebs that model the bags.
  7. Any model from Victoriasecret, but Lilo
  8. It's a bunch of Models like the other time, so Naomi, Du Juan, and 4 more..
  9. If he picked Elton John to be in the ads, LV still would be a top seller. This isn't an up and coming brand...I doubt that picking an actress or model will make such a big deal.