When you got off the Pill...

  1. ...how did you feel? I've been off of it for three days now, and they've been the most exhausting days ever. I have zero energy, and all I want to do is nap. :sleepy:

    My doctor didn't tell me about any changes that might take place after getting off the Pill... will you ladies be kind enough to share your experiences?
  2. I dont think I felt any difference to be honest... my period was lighter... I know that, Its crazy huh... but it used to be heavier when I was on BC... now it last about 2-3 days, less cramps.. dont feel blowed anymore..
  3. I felt great. It was immediate. Had I known I would have gone off sooner.
  4. ^ iTA. not going back ever. you can tell how your body is so 'additive-free' (haha)
  5. I don't think I noticed any difference physically. My periods are just more unpredictable and are affected more by stress (i.e. more stress = skipped periods). When I do get my period it is heavier now and more cramps whereas before, on the pill, they were light and no cramps.
  6. i guess everyone is different. maybe your body is working over time to normalize its hormone levels which in turn makes you feel exhausted.

    when my friend took a break from it for 3 months since she was on it nonstop for a few years she said she felt out of it and kinda sick.

    i've been on it for a bit over a year...how often are suppose to take breaks from it?
  7. ^ Yeah me too...I can't put my finger on it either b/c I never felt 'bad' when I was on it..Kinda hard to describe..And I lost like 10 pounds in 6 weeks..It was a long time ago..prob like 12 years ago....My boobs got smaller though and I had to eventually buy all new bras...THAT part I didn't like lol!!!:sad:
  8. My PMS is much worse. I eat like a hog when I'm PMSing so I've actually gained weight since going off it. My period is also heavier and really unpredictable (ugh). I really had to stop taking it because with my high platelet count I didn't want to risk a stroke or heart attack.

  9. I forgot to mention that!!! My boobs got bigger with the pill, when I got off they just came back to "normal" (normal=small size) didn't like that part :nogood:
  10. Really? I've gotten on and off the pill in the last couple of years. I used it for my menstrual pains but now am back on it. I felt great when I got off and tired and energy less when I got on. =T
  11. I felt no difference. I had only been on it for a few months so I don't know if it makes any difference.
  12. I didn't feel a difference. I got off about three months ago.
  13. Could you possibly be pregnant? That definitely makes you tired! I could never take naps until I was pregnant.
  14. I have gained weight, not sure why. Also I have horrible cramps and my period is not regular at all, it drives me crazy! Sometimes it lasts 7 days, sometimes only 3! I am going back on as soon as I get my period again. I only went off due to other health issues, now that those are resolved I have the ok from my Doc to go back on and I cannot wait!
  15. I've been on the pill steadily with no breaks for 22 years. I am afraid to go off it for the simple fact of not knowing what changes I would experience.