When YOU go to LV

  1. I thought it'd be interesting to know everyone else's experiences. When you go to your lv store, how do you shop?

    do you take a long time looking at each individual bag asking a million and one questions about its pros and cons or are you quick; in and out within 20 minutes?

    Do you find you miss out on any major flaws of the bags or anything?

    personally, before i even step into LV i'll know exactly what bag i want and i always get intimidated because im fairly young and the security guard always stares me down so im practically in and out.:choochoo:

    whats your lv experience?
  2. Walk around the display, gesture a few and purch them :smile: just simple...
  3. if i'm just looking, it's just a couple of minutes then i'm out.

    but if i'm buying, hell i'm gonna spend a long time in there.
  4. If I am thinking about buying a particular bag, I will hold onto it, try it on a couple of times and look at some other things before I buy. Thankfully, I have a regular SA at LV and they don't treat me badly b/c I am young.
  5. I'm in & out within 30 min. max. I've missed flaws by doing this and had to go back. I've never gone around the store to just to look even when I'm offered.
  6. I'm fairly young as well, and I always get intimidated by the SA's and bodyguards. I enter and leave pretty quickly.
  7. i was there on wednesday to see the new fall/winter collection and spent two hours there :wtf: although i did travel 2 hours all the way up to NYC to go so i was going to spend a lot of time in there. depends on what i'm there for, but if i'm buying, and i'm by myself and don't have family or friends waiting on me, then yes i'm there a long time.
  8. I am In and then Out with in 20 mins.
  9. I usaully know what I want so I'm in and out fairly quick. If I'm browing, just passing by the store and stop in, then I'll be in there a while.
  10. I only recently made my first LV purchase and I already knew what I want from online just wanted to see it IRL. But I do plan to go back in about two weeks and walk around and try stuff on spur of the moment no planning.
  11. my mom and i go on Sundays, and we spend exactly 2 hours in there
  12. I go in, see my SA and pick what I want. I sometimes look at the book and talk a bit. But for the most part, it takes about 30 minutes.
  13. I usually go in there when my SA is there ...if she is not there ... the visit is max 10 mins but when present it can be over an hour or so:yes:
  14. For some reason I'm always nervous & intimidated when I'm in LV. lol, but I think that's because there's hardly ever anybody in there and I feel like the SAs and the doorman are watching me like a hawk :ninja:

    I usually don't buy anyway, so I don't want to waste their time by just looking
  15. Before I purchase, I do my research about the possible bag/s that I want then I usually spend an hour or more when I'm buying so I can check them out. 10-15 minutes to check out stuff/new arrivals that are on my wishlist....