When you go to a different LV and....

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  1. So I have several LV I can visit. There is one I normally go to, but today I decided to visit the other one. My normal SA was not in, and now I remember why I don't go there. I called ahead to client services to see if they had the item. CS said they did and asked the store to hold it for me. When I got there I was totally IGNORED. Not one hi or welcome. I waited and waited. Finally I flagged down an SA and told her I was there to see something on hold. She told me I would have to wait until she was free.

    Thirty minutes later, another SA came up and then went to get my item. She comes back and says there is nothing there for me. I was so annoyed at this point, I said OK and left. She never once offered to call client services, to order the item for me, or to show me anything else.

    I got back in my car, client CS and they said no, store has it. I said ummm they say they don't. I confirmed it was at my regular LV, drove over and bought it there instead.

    I work 3 jobs and I spend a TON of money there. It is very upsetting to be treated like you don't matter and/or they don't have the time for you.

    Anyone had this happen to them? I am currently on work travel in DC. The location that did this was the Bloomingdales in Tysons Corner.
  2. No wonder you are annoyed! Put in a complaint to head office & suggest some customer service training is in order!
  3. i totally agree with you. this is not the experience you should have had. i've been to tysons a few years back. i had very good service at the neiman marcus lv and also at the stand alone location at tyson's galleria. it's a pretty amazing mall and luckily there are more choices there. try not to let it spoil the positive experience of your new bag : )
  4. Thank you :smile: Neimans is where I usually go, and that is where I later drove over to in order to get the item. I will shop there and the free standing from now on (especially since they are in the same mall).
  5. I agree. I go to the LV in NM or the stand alone in Tysons.
    I generally have a dislike for Bloomies so I tend to stay away that store in general
  6. I have learned what stores to bother with.

    The store closest to my parents (suburbs) does a phenomenal job of always ignoring me! Even if I ask to see a bag, they'll unlock and walk away and never ask if I need help. Majority of the time, they don't even look at me.
    The store closest to me (city), does a much better job, but last week when I was there, I had an SA that was kind of short with me, but still incredibly helpful on bringing out items. She wasn't all up-to-date on merchandise, but I found another SA to help me and she actually took the time to explain to me what the item was, how it's made, etc. I've always had a much more positive experience there.

    I tried a boutique inside of a Nordstrom and again, they were rude and short with me. There have been times where I've gone there with the purpose of buying something that day only to walk away and go to my city location.
  7. Uch.. Sorry for your bad experience. I would be annoyed too. Infact I got annoyed by reading your story. There are some obnoxious clients the SA's have to deal with, but there really are some obnoxious SA's we have to deal with too. And two wrongs don't make a right. Just stick to your SA babe, or at least your Maison!:smile: happy you found your item but man, that's super annoying. 30 minutes???!
  8. What were the SAs doing for thirty minutes?
  9. One was putting things in dust bags and the other one was helping someone else. Still, a welcome should have been given. I have gone to Neimans with like 15 people in there and only 4 SAs and I have been greeted and even helped.
  10. Also, let me tell you that I have experienced the same thing. I called CS to put an item on hold at my store and when I got there, nothing was on hold. Then my SA said CS emails them rather than calls them most often so they would not know there is a reservation request unless someone is on the computer in the office. He said that caused many problems before with items being sold before the client got the boutique. :confused1: That would definitely be upsetting!
  11. I would have walked right up to the SA with the dustbags and asked for help directly. No need to wait around! :smile: I must be a very aggressive client!!! But I do like when they leave me alone when I want to browse!
  12. I have had similar experiences at 2 of my 3 of my nearby LVs. One is in a very busy mall so I understand that sometimes they are stressed, but when I go in I am completely ignored even when empty - despite carrying LV and clearly talking about the products I'm looking for. Even when I approach someone it's either a cold attitude or a look and walk away. The other, now closed, was even worse. Silly me went in there a few times (it was the closest) and I was never greeted and when I asked to see an item she either walked away from me or worse...I asked to see the Tapage, she pointed to it on a bag and walked away to go help a much older customer (she herself was in her late 60s so I think she didn't take me, then 20, seriously). I loudly said "thanks, now I'll go to [location] and buy it from them." She promptly freaked out and tried to sell me it. No wonder they are closed!

    OP I'm so sorry this happened to you...I would definitely call and put it in a complaint somehow!
  13. That's terrible you had to deal with that. That's the only store I've purchased from and they have always treated me kindly. They do get really busy but even then they have given me good service. I don't have a specific SA so I always just walk up to one and ask for assistance. I loathe bad customer service.
  14. Yeah she was the one I asked if my other SA was there, told why I there...and then she said I would need to wait until she was free...
  15. Im so sorry this happened. I have only been treated rotten by an SA once but the manager made it right for me right on the spot and now that store is the only LV I shop. (boutique in Saks 5th Ave).

    I notice client services sometimes say things that are not accurate. I have gotten misinformation from them twice so far this year. I would make a complaint to the manager about how you were treated.