When you go to a Coach store, do you seek your SA?

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  1. Just wondering for those of you who frequent a particular Coach store, do you make it a point to look for the SA you know or has helped you before or just walk around and shop and just wait for anyone to help you out?
  2. i usually call before i go to make sure he's there.
  3. I will from now on after the superb treatment I received during my pre-shop for PCE. She was the BEST!!
  4. Yes, she called me to come to PCE and when I was there she wan't due in until later so I told the manager I wanted her to have "credit" or whatever they do for their sales. She sent me a card after the last pce I went to and is a real sweetheart.
  5. Yes, I have relationships with a couple of SAs, and they are very wonderful. They help me find what I'm looking for and I try to make sure I let them know they are appreciated.
  6. All of the time.
  7. do the SA's get store credit or commision? I had no idea. Also does a particular boutique have any say so on who gets a PCE invitation? I got one followed by a handritten card from a SA at a store in Scottsdale, but I have never worked with her or purchased there, and would rather go to a store closer to home.
  8. Definitely! I have two at the same store, and they're both great. One has sent hand written thank you cards, and the other went out of her way to find and order me a bag.
    I always let them know I want them to get the credit for being SO super nice when I'm there.
  9. I'm always a bit embarrassed, as all of them seem to know me. Usually I get waited on by the acting mgr at that time when I go in. There are so many SAs at my store, that there always seems to be a different group in there when I go in.
  10. I go to them or they come to me (I have 2 faves). Actually, most of them greet me when I go to the store. They're all so sweet with me.
  11. ditto! My store is ALWAYS busy and there are a lot of SAs working there. It seems to be a different group everytime I go in as well. Although, I always look around to see if my fave SA is working when I'm there. :smile:
  12. My fave SA at the boutique (which I don't go to very often) is such a cute boy! He sent me a handwritten thank you, also.
    When I go to the outlet(which is more often) there are so many and no one looks familiar!
  13. I do. She was great with me and gave me great service my first time at the boutique so she has earned my loyalty.
  14. I do, the manager and another SA are 'my girls'. I love their opinion and they look out for me.
  15. Never. I much prefer to shop without someone hanging over my shoulder.