When you go shopping...

Whenever i go to the mall or boutiques, i try to dress nicer than I would usually. But i believe SAs shouldn't treat anyone better than the next person because of what they are wearing.
I love dressing up anyway, always have. Having a 13 month old my shopping trips are rarely planned, I have to be spontaneous depending on how she is so more often than not since I own a mix of handbag brands I rarely am using the particular boutique's purses. I don't find it makes a difference with the SAs where I live.
Actually, the only conscious effort I make is that if I'm wearing brown shoes, I don't wear a black purse, and the other way around. None of my bags are no-name, but they are all mid-range, and I feel pretty good wearing every single one of them no matter where I go!
I always wear nice, stylish clothes while shopping, but not because of SA's. Shopping is just my main outing besides class and I have to wear my nice clothes somewhere! But I don't dress any nicer than I do when I go to a museum or out to dinner.