When you go shopping...

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  1. ...are you conscious of what you wear? For example, if you know you are going to Chanel/LV/Hermes, do you intentionally wear one of their bags? Or do you wear another designer, maybe slightly higher end to impress them a little? :P

    Just wondering how self-conscious we all are when shopping, especially since we know that everyone in these stores will definitely be noticing what we're wearing and carrying!!
  2. i dress to be comfy- especially if i'm shopping for clothes.
  3. For the most part, I "dress" when I go out of my apartment ... like to class, the dining hall, the post office (on campus), etc. But I do admit I feel more confident on 57th Street or Madison carrying a croc bag. It's amazing how much more attention you get from SAs even above carrying a non-exotic skin designer bag. I literally had SAs stalk me around the store. Of course, I'm not going to just carry that bag because of the attention it gets. I want to carry all of my bags, depending on my clothes. If I didn't think this way, I should just get a Hermes croc (diamond :nuts:) Birkin. That's the holy grail!

    Generally, if you want better service, go shopping during the weekday if you can. There are no crowds. It's so much easier to befriend SAs when they are not busy.
  4. No more than dressing for any other activity. No I take that back... I think more effort goes into what I wear to the gym! More people stare there than anywhere, and there are mirrors everywhere, and everyone is sweating and grunting.
  5. yes, definitely :smile: if i'm going to downtown SF for shopping, i'll dress the part - i think it helps you to get better service, as SAs know you're someone who's willing to spend money. i really expect a high level of service from SAs these days....so i like to make sure they know i'm "in it to win it"!
  6. I don't try and dress nicely to impress the SA's, I go in whatever i'm wearing for the day. I've gone in to LV dressed nicely (before work) and i've also gone in dressed like a slob (weekend atire!) LOL, I have gotten the same level of service no matter how I was dressed.

  7. That makes a lot of sense!

    Though I think it's silly of people to wear makeup at the gym.... Also, I personally find it strange to wear contacts there as well. I don't like wearing contacts so maybe I'm different. I think I always look like a slob at the gym but I should try to look better. All those mirrors ... who knows who is spying on me? :nuts:
  8. I wear "dressy casual", which is my normal day to day style (unless I am at the gym or riding my horse!!)

    I don't dress up for the SAs, but because I like the way I feel when I look nice...KWIM??
  9. I usually try to dress comfy because of the walking around. But like if I know I'm going to LV to purchase something I use an LV since I find the SA's help you right away.
  10. If I'm going someplace I've been before (like Tiffany's) I don't worry about it. They know me there and when I give them my name (and they look it up) smiles are bright and attentive!

    But, when I decided to step into Hermes, I put on a nicer shirt, kept the comfy shoes, and brought a nice coat with me. I also carried my Goyard bag that day (since I don't, yet, own any H). It made me feel a little more confident in unfamilar surroundings.
  11. I personally dress comfortably. I don't like to get all stuffed and fluffed to do an activity that I enjoy sooo much. Usually I don't pay attention to my clothes or my bags. It's kinda fun to walk in LV with a Nine West on your shoulder, then buy something nice and big....it totally catches them off guard. Also, I'll only buy from an SA that treats me well even though I'm not carrying LV. So as to teach the snobby SA's a lesson!
  12. I like to dress everytime I "go out". I am a SAHM so there are a lot of moments were I can wear comfortable clothes. But I hate to see those mums dropping their kids off at school and they look as if they still wear pyjamas. I want my girls to be proud and feel good about myself.

    So yes I dress but not really to impress I rather choose my clothing according to my shoppingprojects...skirt + boots if I am after askirt...etc!
  13. ^ I dress better when I go out too. I try to look cute when I shop, especially for clothes. I feel better about myself, hence I buy more. I guess I could try looking crappy to curb spending, but then what's the point of going shopping?
  14. I normally wear jeans, but they are nice ones. I try to dress trendy when I go out shopping. It is just a good excuse to wear a good outfit and I do getter better service from the SA's.
  15. I tend to dress nicer because I do prefer to get the better service because SAs in my area tend to be a bit snobby.