When you go shopping

  1. for clothers, do you have to try everything on?
    I always try on pants, which is why I dont order them online
    I am short only 5'1" but hippy so sometimes its hard for me to find pants that fit well. I usually have to buy a bigger size and have them altered so i'm not walking on the bottoms, do any of you have this problem? :worried:
  2. I mostly never try things on! My shoe size has always been 9. I'm a size 4 clothes & usually don't have a problem...plus I figure I can always return it!

    Recently I went to Victoria's Secret & the SA suggested I be resized since it's been awhile...I was exactly as I suspected!

  3. when it comes to clothes i prefer to try them on because most of the time when you find something really gorgeous it might not look good on u :sad: . unless if am in a hurry i just know my size so its easy. my clothes are not fashion-they are moods and moments that want to come out to play :cool: .
  4. pants, definitely yeah. t-shirts, not always. bras, swimsuits, anything tricky like that...definitely.

    and DEFINITELY shoes.
  5. I am 'one of those' people who doesn't try things on. I shop enough to know which brands, sizes, fit and how. Usually I am dead on. When I am not, I get quite angry at the thought of having to go back...
  6. I tend not to try things on unless I'm really unsure about it - namely jeans, and bottoms. For tops, I'm pretty standard.
  7. All the time, just because in a lot of places, the cut varies. Plus some styles look nicer tighter or looser.

    And I'm 5'0, it totally sucks to buy pants. I like buying them at the Gap.. in the kids section. Size 14 in children's is perfect ! :shame:
  8. I always try on pants, because I tend to wear anywhere from a 4 to an 8, depending on the style and cut. I don't try on shirts anymore, I can usually hold it up and tell whether or not it'll fit.

    I always try shoes on! I have enough problems finding a shoe that fits, I'd be even more :evil: if I had to go back and return them.
  9. I try everything on. I'm kind of in between sizes and I find the fit really depends on the brand. With shoes I'm pretty much a standard size 6, but I always give them a quick try anyway to make sure they are semi-comfy and because I hate returning things.
  10. hi, i just signed up minutes ago n this is my 1st post :smile:!

    i always try everything first except most tops, coz i live in indonesia n we can say there isnt any return policies here.. but i rarely try sale items *the long queue for the fitting room freaks me out*.. for pants i use my wrist-to-elbow length as measure
  11. I am short only 5'1" but hippy so sometimes its hard for me to find pants that fit well.

    This is me exactly. I try on everything. If I can find pants that look good on me, it's a very good day.

    The world wasn't made for girls who are little in the middle but got much back.
  12. hehehe, im totally like you!!! i always have to try pants on when im shopping! i'm just a shortie! some pants dont fit properly around the hips and thighs and then they're too long!!! :lol: but its all apart of shopping - trying stuff on!
  13. Definitely have to try everything on, especially since I'm short as well and things need to be altered accordingly :biggrin: If I'm really in a rush I'll buy it and try it on at home, but no tags come off until I am certain :biggrin:
  14. Well, I always try shoes on, and if its something that differs massively from my usual style then maybe, but I really hate trying stuff on. I'm in the town centre 5 out of 7 days a week anyway, so if I buy something that doesn't fit I can easily take it back.
  15. Try Apple Bottoms or Rocawear. I've got a ginormo butt and they're fab !

    I wonder if J.Lo jeans have huge butt allowances.. I mean, they're supposed to be her jeans right ? And she's definitely got back, so are they designed to fit girls shaped like J.Lo or other body types ?