When you go out at restaurant/café/pub etc..

  1. ..where do you put your LV on?
    I' m very afraid to stain my bags, so i usually put them on a chair near me (if there are)..or sometimes hung up on the armachair support..
    times ago i went to café and i put it on the table..then when i was at the home i realised there was gum of pine tree on the bottom!!:censor:
    Fortunately i cleaned up all...:Push:
  2. i own a little restaurant/cafe.... i like seeing louis sitting on their OWN seats.... :P but sometimes i see them sitting on the floor....:wtf: i ask them to put them on the seats! :yes: :graucho: :heart:
  3. i would either put it on the chair with me (behind my back since i don't really have a butt) or i put it on the chair next to me. i NEVER put my bag on the floor - be it cheap or expensive ones. i baby my bags. =)
  4. I always set mine on it's own seat :yes:
  5. I always put my bag on a chair or table or my lap. I never put it on a floor anywhere, I am too paranoid!!
  6. If possible on an empty seat next to me, otherwise behind my back or on the floor.
  7. ditto
  8. If its a bench then it goes next to me. If there is room on the table then it goes on the table. If there is an extra chair then it goes there. If all else fails then it goes on the floor. :shame: I really dislike hanging them on the back of my chair so that is never an option. I would hate the thought of someone knocking into it or grabbing it without me knowing.
  9. Chair or on my feet.
  10. Me too. My bag gets its own chair most of the time, but if there isn't one, I rest it on top of my feet. Occasionally I'll put it on the table if there's room, but I try not to do that because of potential spills.
  11. I normally put my bags in the seat behind me or on hanging on the chair. I never put my bags on the floor anymore since I had my first LV Mono bucket purse snatched from the ground in Vegas when I was eating. Fortunately, I got it back! :yes:
  12. Yup, me,too!:yes:
  13. If we are in a booth it goes right beside me. If we're at a table it goes its own chair and i tuck the chair in, and i hook my foot around the leg of the chair.