When you get screwed by ebay were you buyer and seller?


Nov 28, 2008
I am just wondering about this since once when I spoke with the eBay people trying to preempt a problem with an overseas buyer... (it all turned out ok in end... stuck in customs for 30 days--more like lost since there was no tracking past leaving USA--and then called USPS and then of course it miraculously appeared)... and in reviewing my account they made a point of saying since I was a buyer and a seller there was chance of better outcome for me if something awry in that instance when I was seller... I was wondering if those of you who have encountered these terrible issues and essentially then gotten screwed by eBay were you ebayer with buying and selling history? (and had you had any negative feedback or issues before even if small is another thing I am curious about)

Of course paypal is a whole other thing which is kind of weird since two are same company. In those cases you should have to use ebay policy... otherwise it seems it is opening more room for scamming... but they don't care, I know... how about some sort of class action by sellers ;)

I just really hate how I have to be totally freaked out every time I sell an expensive item (one is currently in transit)......


May 22, 2010
I hope I would never get screw, buyer or seller. Also important to say, I notice A LOT of scams happen with deals outside of Ebay.

I'm sorry for anyone who have been scam or in the process of dealing with one. I can only imagine the headache and frustration. As for people who scams, SHAME on YOU.
Apr 15, 2007
have had an issue or two along the way as a buyer, but things did work out in my favor

personally, don't feel comfortable doing a deal outside of ebay for the most obvious

reason.. potentially being scammed.. although there is some kind of protection with

pp, but not really interested in finding out..