When you get an upset tummy...

  1. ...what do you to try to make it better?
  2. Mint tea works well for me :yes:
  3. Ugh. I've had an upset stomach for like 2 days now. I think it's a combo of stress and also some bad choices when it came to food....sometimes I take Pepto Bismol...sometimes 7up.....sometimes I just need to sit outside in my yard and relax....
    At first, I thought that I ate too many brussel sprouts and gave myself an upset stomach. But then it got better for like a day and I had a bad dentists appointment yesterday and I found that my upset stomach came back! :push:
    So today I'm taking it easy. Toast. Tea. I don't feel so good.
    Good luck! :sweatdrop:
  4. Sparkling water, and plain saltine crackers always works for me
  5. I usually take some chewable Pepto, and make sure to eat lightly (crackers or dry toast). I also only drink water or something like Sprite or ginger ale.
  6. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAPSULES! sold at GNC or any vitamin store.

    Definitely the best. Its great to get rid of toxins in general especially hang overs. They use this at hospitals. Whenever I have any discomfort with my tummy I take 2 capsules and its great. All natural too.
  7. Tea, 7UP or gingerale helps...also saltine crackers.
  8. Camomile (sp?) tea, ginger ale
  9. a little gross but going to the restroom always makes me feel better.
  10. AWWW
    i hate those tummy problems!
  11. Alka Seltzer to the rescue...
  12. Drugs baby! ;) I take a tylenol actually and then go and lie down.
  13. My mom always tells us to drink Coke with lemon in it. I don't know if it really works but it makes me feel better because that's what Mom always suggests.
  14. Usually a nice glass of milk will do it for me. I have heard club soda works too, I just can't bring myself to try it, ICK!
  15. Depending on the type of upset stomach I have - tea works (mint or camomile are good), 7up or some pepto, and I try to eat "dry" food nothing oily or greasy.