When you get a preloved bag, how do you clean it before you use it?

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  1. I know there's a thread about how to protect and clean your Mulberry bags, but I'm not really looking for tips - I'm more curious to hear if you have any routine (or even a ritual). I've not had a preloved bag before, but I may have one coming tomorrow :graucho:

    Do you clean your preloved bag before you use it, and if you do, is there anything special that you do (both inside and outside of the bag) before you feel comfortable using it?
  2. If the condition is not to bad and I just want to freshen it up then I. use a damp cloth or baby wipes on the inside. The exterior leather depends, I have completely washed a black NVT Bayswater or just wiped over my Oak lily. Then are then protected with Colonil.
    The pre loved Alexa I purchased, I washed the inside fabric in the sink (had a foundation stain) and used perfume to remove the biro mark. Once cleaned up I realised that she was the oversize Alexa and I have moved her on!
  3. I haven't had a preloved Mulberry yet, but with other thick leather bags, I do a lightly damp cloth on the outside, leather conditioner (whatever the brand recommends, or a good all-purpose one if there is no specific recommendation), and I also use a vacuum attachment to vacuum out the interior if there are signs of use. Prior to use, I hang up the bag in a sunny spot for at least a day to air it out.
  4. I don't have any Mulberry bags, but I have purchased plenty of preloved bags in general. I only buy excellent condition bags, and I clean them with a warm damp cloth and baby wipes. Handbags are germ magnets so I try to cover every inch inside and out.
  5. With a pre loved I always put it empty, outside in the fresh air for a while, even if there are no smells!! Then i wipe it over with a damp cloth like an e cloth or wipe. I wipe the handles and any hardwear too, then just dry it with a clean tea towel/cloth. Also I vacuum the inside just to remove any bits of fluff .
  6. I've been know to a cheeky Hoover before use too... And a cheeky spray of collonil. And a little cream too.... Yes. I think it's safe to say I clean them loads. ;)
  7. It just makes me feel like ive put my own mark on it!
  8. Guess I am the lazy one. I treat them with Collonil spray and that is about it. No cleaning, just protecting them.
  9. Thanks for your replies.

    I got my first preloved bag today, and I vacuumed it inside, then cleaned it with baby wipes, used the Collonil leather gel and spray.

    I think it looks and feels pretty decent now (not that it didn't before though)
  10. What a beautiful bag! Looks in fab condition congrats

    I tried to rehab a Roxy last year, but I nearly puked doing so. Many baby wipes and collonil gel later, I could barely stomach it and moved her on. The buyer loved it though as she really came up quite nicely

    Enjoy your lovely bag
  11. I usually vaccum inside, use anti-bacterial wipes inside and out and then use Collonil leather cream.
    I like to try and get them as clean as possible, so they feel like mine :smile: .
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