When you get a new bag question

  1. Ok - I may be the only one that does this, but, when you get a new bag - only if it is one of your absolute favorites....do you put it where you can see it when you wake up or before you go to sleep so you can "gaze" at it? When I first got it - even when I got up in the middle of the night - I turned the little lamp on to look at it. I thing I need counseling!

    I am a little embarassed to say - but I did this with my leigh.
  2. I have a place of honor for mine in my closet. Some shelves where I can put them in their dustbags until it's their turn to come out. ;)
  3. Hahaha I totally do this sometimes! At work I will put my bag at the end of my desk so I can glace at her from time to time during the day - it makes me smile!
  4. Haha! I think a lot of us probably do this! I usually throw bags in the backseat, but when I have a new bag, I do this when I am in the car or in my office I will place it on my desk or on my extra chair so that I can look at it during the day or while I am driving, lol!

  5. I know where you're coming from, I would probably do that too, but I think if I did that, my husband would really think I was over the edge LOL! He is very supportive of my Coach obsession, but I think that would really be testing his patience. I have to be content that my babies are resting peacefully in their dustbags in my closet. :love:
  6. I have to say that I sort of do it on the sly - I don't make it obvious. My husband would probably commit me! LOL! I can relate to the driving thing. I sit in soooo much traffic to and from work and when I am stopped at a red light and I gaze down - to look at Lovely Leigh - it just makes me feel so much better and it really does put a huge smile on my face!
  7. Greenpixie - I sit mine on my desk and just have to turn my head to look at it! I can relate. I don't want to sit it on the floor - we are in a new office and have new carpet, etc, but on my desk - it is much better! teehee!
  8. My bags sleep next to me.. or they are in plain sight when I open my eyes.. I dont like it being out of the room.. That goes away though after a while... :p
  9. I always make a point to hang the bag I am using on top of my coat when I enter the house so I can appreciate it when I walk by it.
  10. haha.. yeah i can admit i put it "in-sight" so I know where it always is... can't lose my COACH!! can't take my eyes off of it! :wtf:
  11. I don't exactly keep it in sight at all times... but I do take it out of its dustbag several times during first few days to try it on and just look at it. Its like getting a new toy!!
  12. I'm starting to seriously consider a Leigh... and if I shell out that much I just might do it!! LOL DH would think I've gone off my rocker!!
  13. Angie,

    I absolutely love the leigh! What color do you like? I really like the whiskey and also the camel color, although the whiskey will probably be easier to care for.
  14. You're not alone. When I get a new bag, I put it in the middle of my dinning room table so I can look at it often and drool! It's very exciting when you add a member to your coach family. Yeah, I've got a problem, but there are much worse problems to have!!!
  15. My bag has her own chair on the opposite side of my desk (where clients sit) and i stare at her all day! lol