When you get a new bag, do you...

  1. Plan for a week in advance what you're going to wear the day you finally get to take it for a spin? Tone down your clothes and jewelry so the bag takes center stage? No matter where you are in the city, wear it on the side of your body which will maximize exposure to admiring eyes? Remark on your own intelligence with every full pane of glass you pass? Stop traffic? Feel like a million bucks or that you've died and gone to heaven?:P My Adina came today ...
  2. I actually put them on my bed so I can see them every night then I plan on when I can use them but so far, I have not been able to use almost 90% of my designer bags coz of my job.....
  3. ^^ Ditto, I put them on the bed and stare at it and then off to the dust bag it goes. I haven't used much of my bags either. Most have never been out of the house!
  4. keep them in the trunk of my car, in their bag and box, until i'm ready to spring it on my husband. sometimes it takes months!
  5. hahahaha wow, what a show of restraint.. not bringing it inside the house and keeping it inside your trunk.. gosh, my car was broken into several months ago, and I think I would have a heart attack if my bags were stolen.. I would be crying forever..
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: Yes to all of that!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. When I got my Kelly, I just sat it next to me and stared for awhile. Then I was on some sort of handbag high for several hours. I needed to stop by the store after work that day and I completely forgot, because I was thinking about that bag!!
    I still haven't taken it out yet. I love it too much and I think well what if there's rain, I get mugged, I get something on it at a restaurant. I have to get over it and just take it out. I can't keep the poor thing locked in a closet.
  8. I put all my new bags on my vanity where I can see them every morning. however, when my new LV Monogram Velours Irvine Alligator bag comes I'll probably end up sleeping with it since my hubby will probably disown me.:worried:
  9. Take them out pronto, regardless of what's happening in the day. Like a kid with a new toy, gotta play with it right away.
  10. I "play" with the new bag when everyone is asleep and I usually hide them in my closet for awhile until I decide to let it out. :lol:
  11. Yes, I do all those - carry it about, plan my route so I walk past mirrored windows, put it on my pillow at night so I can see it in the morning, carry it through to sit near my desk so I can see it while I'm working.... and of course, go out and buy stuff to match....:love:

    Right now I'm considering buying a fuschia leather mini London A - Z street map for £90 from Smythson Of Bond St, just because it'll go with my Miu Miu! Miu-babe is my first serious daytime bag, and I do use an A - Z occasionally though the £5 paper version is perfectly adequate! :lol:

    There is no purer love than that between a woman and her handbag IMO, and I indulge it and revel in it as much as possible!:shame:

  13. I change my bags every couple days so I put them all to good use. Even the people at work will mention if I carry the same bag too long. I have 2 bags that need attention. They are a Coach Pink Tie Dye satchel and a Botkier Metallic Mauve. I am waiting for Closer to Spring weather before I "Spring the Pink". When do you think Pink would be appropriate?
  14. ^^ I'm already sporting pink. I have used my suede and leather pink Coach bags in February. I've already worn white and used my white tie dye Coach demi. If everything matches, why not?
  15. I take mine out the very day after I get them! I usually rotate also on a weekly basis. When not out with me, they are in their Dustbags. I think i am done buying now for the summer so I might find a place to keep them all out in the open and can coordinate my outfits with them. Right now it hasn't matter what I wear because they all match my winter coat. Now that the Coat is going back in the closet i will need to be more aware of how the bag matches the outfit.