When you get a headache, stomachache or some other ailment, do you take medicine

  1. When you get a headache, stomachache or some other ailment, do you take medicine right away or see how bad it will get?

    I sit it out and normally regret waiting, but I hate overmedicating myself.
  2. I take migraine medication at the first sign of a headache. I don't want to wait because I'll regret it in the end. My migraines have put me in the hospital before I got medication for it so I take the medicine asap.
  3. No way, unless I have a headache or a major fever.
  4. Not right away except for my (menstrual) aura migraines. If I pop a Motrin right when they start they usually aren't as bad. But for stomach ailments I would just have some crackers and 7UP first off. I'm not one to reach for medecine right off the bat.
  5. When I get a migraine I get an aura and take a vicodin right away. When I get a regular headache I take a tylenol or whatever pretty quickly unless I'm busy and don't have a chance. For stomach problems I rarely take anything.
  6. I wait it out...I hate taking medicine.
  7. LOL..Im onlike 4 diff meds right now.....MIGRAINE FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I made the mistake of going to a store today and nearly puked there..I was in that much pain.Meds help a TINY bit..so I take them if I need to
  8. I never take any meds..I just try to sleep things over.
  9. I usually take something if I feel whatevers bothering me might just get worse. If its a small nuisance then I'll just wait it out.
  10. Not typically...I'm pretty used to being hungover at this point. ;)

    If I get a super bad headache that simply won't go away after I hydrate and eat, then yeah, I'll take a couple advil. Aside from that...nope. Fevers I let run their course as a fever is your body trying to kill off the bad stuff. Again, if it gets too high, I'll take something, if not, sweat it out.
  11. Nah, I'd rather just suck it out.

    I get migraines and I just shut down from them.. but I mean, I think I'd rather go unmedicated.
  12. I take nothing for any ailment unless I have a sinus headache or migraine because those don't blow over on their own.
  13. Actually, I rarely take anything. I am not a huge fan of antibiotics or any sort of medication/drug/etc. So nope!
  14. Of course I do, but then again I'm in pharmacy school so I would be going against my religion practically to say not to take something. It's just really important to know whether you should take tylenol or ibuprofen. The anti-inflammatory actually works better, but if you have certain health conditions or high blood pressure, you can't take it. I would definitely go with the ibuprofen though.
  15. No. Not even when I get my killer cramps. I just let my body tough it out because I don't want it becoming immune to the meds.