When you drop your prepaid shipment at the UPS store,

  1. do you get another receipt? I didn't and the person just accepted my package. I am just being paranoid here probably, but isn't it easy for the person to steal my package since there's no proof of receipt? I have the tracking number since it was prepaid online. I kept checking it but my package hasn't been proccess. Any idea what's going on? (first time dropping a prepaid package at ups store). sorry if this is a dumb question. thanks
  2. I've done this before and didn't get a receipt. Luckily, I received the package (I sent it to myself).... In fact, I just dropped my package with the concierge in my building and let UPS come pick it up for me.

    It takes a day for them to update your tracking information, so check it tomorrow morning.
  3. I ALWAYS ask for a receipt and I get it too. All they have to do is scan it and print out the confirmation for you. You should always ask for it.
  4. I wanted to add a bit to this. My husband and I are in the diamond biz so we frequently have to ship things around. We use *edex as our common carrier and just two days ago we had sent out a package of diamonds to be evaluted and graded. Low and behold it arrived at the lab all taped up :wtf: Thank heavens the guy that received it asked the driver to wait while he opened it. Empty. Someone had taken out the parcel of diamonds and replaced it with paper...:sad: Always insure your items. A few dollars saves alot of problems. We were on the phone with the carrier before the driver could leave the office. Needless to say that little package was worth a bundle. 70k to be exact. Always insure and always always get the receipt. And yes it was insured.
  5. Wow....lucky!!!
  6. Yeah, for peace of mind I would ask for a receipt next time.
    Way to go, chag, great post on the insurance!! I underscore that many, many times over! When I did a return with elux you bet I insured it (MC Trouville). The postman's eyes popped out of his head when I told him the dollar amount - too funny! :roflmfao:

    Sorry if this is getting off topic, but I was in the import/export business for years and I can't tell you how many times things get damaged or lost and there is no insurance. It's heartbreaking to make that ugly call to a customer that there was a fire, an accident, a storm and containers had to be thrown overboard to keep the ship afloat... Please insure shipments, ladies!!

    Glad you have your tracking number - fingers crossed! :flowers:
  7. My mom was just wondering about this the other day when she dropped off a couple packages for me. I never get receipts when I drop it off with FedEx but I do with UPS and thankfully all my packages arrived safely.
  8. Most of the time it's all good and fine and everything turns out perfect. But it just takes one time lol!
    Funny thing is (way off topic) my husband hates to buy the insurance for things like tvs etc.. It has taken me many years to train him to do that, finally after taking the insurance for a laptop, he did something to (still wont tell me what... I think he dropped it) I got it replaced with NO problems. Ever since then for any big ticket item he buys he gets the insurance. I think insurance is a great thing!
  9. Just a little FYI. When you print out a pre paid and drop it off. The franchise UPS that you drop it off at has to handle the shipment and all that is involved and does not get paid for it. They get screwed by UPS. There is actually a classaction lawsuit about this. Ask next time your in the drop off location (if its the owner or manager) and see what they say. I found out this by accident and will never prepay again.