When you dream of shoes... it's time to buy them!!!

  1. LOL ;) I DO realize that this is going to make me sound a little shoe-obsessed crazy....

    Last night I woke up at 2 am with a horrible nightmare. :shrugs: So I quickly went back to sleep hoping to "sleep therapy" it away with a happier dream. I dreamt I went to the Gucci outlet in NY (leaving for vacation there on 16th) and there was a GIGANTIC SHOE SALE, with everything in my size for $9.99. I was in designer shoe heaven and was running around the store grabbing shoes to buy. Then I saw my dream pair that I've been lusting over for 3 months plus.... :sweatdrop:

    A pair of lovely black leather Gucci pumps with gold bamboo heels! I reached for them and ..... woke up. :heart:

    Well.... I didn't want my dream to end there, so I went and actually bought them from the seller whom I've been bugging for months for a lower buy-it-now price. She unexpectedly agreed to $126 US for these babies and they are now mine! Small price to pay for my "dream come true" shoes! :roflmfao:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I bought the shoes on the left, the shoes on the right are there to illustrate the bamboo heel a bit more.

    :heart: Has anyone ever DREAMED of shoes, or am I the only weird one???
  2. I'm embarassed to say I OFTEN dream of shopping.

    I was recently after the Chloe round toe wedges and finally found a pair in black :woohoo: on eBay, the seller had a best offer option on the listing so I made the offer and the seller declined so I decided to sleep on it. I woke up in the night worrying that someone would buy them!! So as soon as I got up I went online and bought them :shame:.......what an obsession!

    I often get so excited the night before a sale that I can't sleep......LOL!!
  3. Me tooo!!!!!!
    Thats how I bought my second pair of Louboutins! lol
  4. I love those shoes--very good dreaming. I have had similar dreams, I just need to learn to follow through with them!