When you discover you're the girl who has everything

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  1. I totally missed the Paris reference. My fault for not reading everything he said! I really do wish you have a great birthday! I would suggest spending some time together...maybe a nice dinner.
  2. Paris Hilton, to me at least just comes across as a rather superficial person who cares a lot about material things.

    If someone did compare me to her, I'd wonder what was it I did that made me sound like a shallow and superficial person **. I wouldn't be insulted.

    ** since it would have to be something I did other than show my private parts to the paparazzi!
  3. OT: I love your siggy, Merika. It makes me giggle.
  4. i think that humble should be the key word.

    its good to know that u'r the one that have everything. realising it yrself, keeping it to yrself is better than announcing to everyone. the thing is, have everything and dont know what to buy. like what someone has mentioned, give it to charity. it will be more meaningful. there'r a lot of people who just have tiny 'things', not everything. so its good that u can share yr everything with the poor and needy. i;m not saying that u should donate everything out. just to hold a party for few homes, bringing smiles to the elderly etc will be so much meaningful than having another chanel bag thats just nothing to u.
  5. btw, when i mentioned about charity, i mean getting u and yr bf involved in the event. not just donating $. this will be so much meaningful when u check out what they need etc, plan some activities, talk to them.
  6. You made a thread about how you woke up one day and realized that you have everything you want, and then you're insulted when someone tells you that you sound materialistic?? People were just trying to be nice to you, there's no need to be rude.
  7. Why SHOULDN'T she be proud of that? From what I know about I'Set, she has a good job that she works hard at, and she earns the money to purchase the things that she wants. If she's able to get everything she wants for herself, I think that's kind of awesome.

    Happy Birthday BTW!
  8. Indeed, that's true. It is something to be admired.

    I think many people think that humility is a good quality. That's why all the negative statements happen. This forum has many, many members who make good money, many members who have great jobs, many members who are very well educated and professionally successful, members who live in beautiful houses and very few of them actually mention those things.....

  9. I agree! :smile:
  10. I agree. I just think what she posted was totally misunderstood. :nogood:
  11. I apologize to anyone who thought I was merely bragging. I think when I said "I have it all," Merika, Charles and SpoiledKiWI took the idea as being highly materialistic and ran with it to the extreme: that because I want "no Chanel bags" it must mean I already have 50, that because I have no material wants, I must have a trust fund, a la Paris Hilton. The intention of my original post was merely to say that I'm surprised to find that I DO have everything I want: what if all I had was a cat, a small apartment, a boyfriend, and a Chanel bag? I think some of the assumptions made were strange.

    Merika and Charles's repeated returns to this thread to insist on forcing my words into the worst light possible makes me raise my eyebrows. I hope they find some other amusement soon.
  12. You mean I've got to leeaave? Aw, shucks. I was soo bored today and this thread was sooo much fun!
  13. Happy Birthday!:party:
  14. All I'm saying is the way you worded your original post it sounded like you were a bit spoiled. I don't know you well, so I can only assume things from the way you post, and I'm not the only one here that interpreted your words that way too. If you say you're not spoiled, then hey, great, really. Like I stated earlier...I've read posts similar to yours, but the way they were worded didn't make me feel the way yours made me feel, so again, sorry if I made an erroneous assumption.

    Now, I'm off to go track down other spoiled sounding posters throughout the internet and bring them to justice! Up up and away!!
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
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