When you discover you're the girl who has everything

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  1. Sigh. I wish I didn't have anything to ask for anymore! For starters, I want a new car. And many bags that I still lust after. Lucky you!! I'm sure you appreciate all you have, and that's a great feeling!!
  2. Have a fun birthday, Itlset!
  3. perhaps then its because I've known IntlSet longer on these boards and know she is not at all like Paris Hilton. She's very intelligent and driven woman that is on her own now in a great job (even though she works with a creepy guy at the moment). Thats the problem with jumping to conclusions and I'm sure I've done it too with other members I may not know very well. If you exchanged more posts with her, you would know her personality and understand the spirit in which she made her post. Thats all.
  4. ugh I am an idiot who can't type...see post below!! LOL
  5. Happy Bday I-Set! I personally find cat condos creepy - but I find cats a little creepy so maybe that is why. So, I vote nay on the cat condo.

    But I feel ya, hon. I am the hardest person in my family to buy for too.

    Hmm, last year my neice bought me green flip-flops from Old Navy - they're the BEST!! I am sure you'll have a great bday regardless. Cheers!
  6. First of all, I think that Charles AND Intlset are EQUALLY fabulous. I have read many posts by each and they are very smart, ambitious people who enjoy the finer things in life :graucho:

    I just think that talking over the Internet is frustrating sometimes because people can only read the black and white words printed on the screen.

    They can't see how it was meant to come across, etc.:nogood:

    I think it would be cool if Intlset asked for the cat condo and maybe made a donation in her kitty's name at an animal shelter...so sweet!!
  7. happy bday! i'm with you...my family and friends always complain that i'm hard to buy for! guess i shop too much, not surprising :smile:
  8. Happy Birthday!

    I don't think anyone meant their comment in a mean way, it's just that when you say you're the girl that has everything, it kind of comes across as bragging even though I don't think that's how you meant it. Maybe just ask your friends for a bunch of gift cards, so you can save them for when you find something you really want.
  9. What happens when you are the girl who has nothing.. but at the same time still has everything? What do they get you then?

    Oh yeah.. a crappy massage... lol... :P (teasing!!)
  10. That is so not me, there are so many things I want!!! You are blessed! I like Charles' idea of giving to charity, Intlset share your blessings!
  11. Okay, firstI didn't think Intlset post came off as bragging or anything of the sort (I posted after reading the first page only). Second, I didn't think Charles' post came across as mean. I do think giving to charity is a great idea and so is going on trip with your BF!! It's your b-day so do what ever YOU feel like doing something that will make you feel good and enrich your soul and create wonderful memories!!! Have a great B-day!!!
  12. I agree Sonya. IntelSet I know you aren't bragging. I am not rich, but have everything I feel I need right now. It's all subjective. What one person interprets as having everything compared to someone else is totally different. I think it's nice to be in that place. It's less stressful to be content with what you have. Of course that can change as circumstances change.

    Also, I don't think Charles meant anything in his first post. It's so hard to read how someone is "talking" online, kwim?
  13. For those of you who insist that Charles "didn't mean anything," I find it rather strange that none of you consider being compared to Paris Hilton an insult. Either way, attempted insult or not, I hardly care what Charles has to say about my character.

    And for the majority, those of you who shared similiar stories, sent sweet PMs and birthday wishes, THANK YOU! You guys are the reason PF is so wonderful.
  14. First of all, happy birthday!

    I have been in your situation for years now, not "needing" anything during birthdays/holidays. I finally suggested to DH and family to stop presents altogether. I am self-supporting, buy things as I go along, and more look forward to special occasions as times to simply hang out and RELAX!

    So now it's a card + dinner. No flowers either (for me)! And DH is OK with that (but still needs reassurance for every holiday to PLEASE DON'T BUY ME ANYTHING). The best thing is to tell your SO you don't want anything, don't need anything. That's if YOU are okay with that...

    Have a great birthday weekend.
  15. People were just trying to be nice and make you feel better. Don't be so unappreciative. :rolleyes:
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