When you discover you're the girl who has everything

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  1. but seriously its annoying that my birthday came when all chanel had out what brown and black bags and they had nothing pink and purple...i just have not wanted anything in the stores lately....its rather uninspiring to have a birthday when there is nothing you want when you know six months later you may be like "dang i wish i would have asked for that"
  2. lol there it ALWAYS something new I'm wanting at the moment.
  3. Yes, I'm that way too. I don't want or need anything (materialistic, anyway). All I need to be happy are my parents, my baby and my Bart :biggrin:
  4. OMG, I know what you mean!!!! :yes:
  5. why not ask for a gift certificate from chanel? you could always get what you want then - say 6 months later, kwim? i know it isn't the most original but has been my safe strategy for a while now.
  6. I'm the one in my family that they all love shopping for. Me and my boyfriend are the easy ones, but my sister and brother-in-law are soooo difficult.

    I'd say a trip, a fun day out together, and/or a donation in your name to your favorite cause would be nice. I'm all about the material goods, but my best memories and feelings have come from time spent with loved ones, and knowing I helped out, even just a little bit.

    Anyhow, happy early birthday!
  7. I know that feeling...my bday was last week and I have no clue what I want, still. Im getting a new phone in like 4 months and I guess set aside the cash for that now...I don't really need or want anything that badly.

    Happy Bday!
  8. I go through phases like that - sometimes I don't feel like buying anything, sometimes I feel like buying everything..
    but anyways, Happy Bday!
  9. LOL, totally agree, even if I did have everything, I would still want....I'm greedy....LOL, j/k. :sweatdrop:
  10. Oh yeah, DUH!!! I forgot, Happy Birthday!!!
  11. ITA with this one. Actually I sometimes give my family members gifts along with gifts to a charity they support in their name - they love it. For my sister I gifted her a one year sponsership of a cheetah family in a charity that I checked out beforehand. I also buy her designer bags but I think balance is a nice thing to remember.
  12. bahaha, i wish that would happento me. i'm always wanting more, i think i'm so far from being fufilled.
  13. OMG are you SURE you could go one season without a Chanel bag? :rolleyes:
    Im sorry, I just had the same impression as Charles and I dont think giving you any Mother Teresa advice is bad, im not saying go and volunteer but if there is absolutely nothing out there you want then just ask people not to give you gifts. I've gone many birthdays without getting gifts just fine.
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