When you discover you're the girl who has everything

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  1. You're assuming he doesn't do enough of that already?

    I take it you think I sound like a spoiled brat. Luckily, rumor has it that this forum strongly encourages shallow obsessing.
  2. ^ charity is good but consider researching the ones you're donating to and see how much actually goes to the cause vs fund raising and admin fees. i am anal about these things. i don't want to donate and have 80cents on the dollar go to fluffy costs!!! +(

    and i'm very very wary about donating to overseas charities cos in alot of countries, the money just goes towards the pockets of the local politicians and administrators , village mayor etc. very sad.
  3. I felt that way about my birthday this year! My boyfriend and I went on a weekend beach trip instead, and out to a nice dinner while we're there. If you can both afford the time away from your jobs, that could be a great birthday weekend.
  4. I understand what you mean and I can relate. I don't have a lot but I have what I want and need. I just ask for a nice lunch or dinner and quality time together, just the two of us. :smile:
  5. Intl,

    I would throw a little reverse birthday party--invite some friends, and treat them--it's always fun to do, and people don't expect that. My cats told me to tell you that they are voting for the cat condo, though!!
  6. I know how you feel. When the day came that DH and I finally decided to stop buying gifts just for the sake of buying a gift it was a great liberating feeling. Now everyday above ground is a good enough gift, and maybe a little lovin' too.
  7. Umm...I'm in the same boat!!!!! I realized "I'm that person" also! ACK!! My bday is this Sun. and I'm racking my brain as to what to get. I know I want a bag (a shoulder bag) but then I'm like..."Do I really need one??!?!" No...but...ya, I want one...LOL

    Also the iphone is coming out at the end of June. So...bag or iphone?? Some Chanel sunglasses? Who knows. :confused1:

    Dh's like "Have you decided on which bag?" OR "R U just gonna go with the iphone? I'm like I don't really "need" the iphone? I mean it's cool, etc. I love gadgets, especially phones...So...Who knows..? He wants to get one...But we'll have to break our contract to switch over to AT&T. I told dh I'm leaning towards getting a bag and then we can wait for our contract to expire then perhaps get the iphone's down the road..

    See...but he can't take it...he wants the iphone NOW. So he's like forget it..."get the bag, and the iphone..." WT?!?!?!

    We'll see what happens....:rolleyes:
  8. I'm in the position of not having much, but not needing anything.

    When I am in my home country, for my birthday I donate a meal to an orphanage or a seniors home. We talk to the management and cater food for the people including the staff, go there and share a meal with them and talk to the elderly/the kids about their lives. I can't tell you how amazing it is to celebrate your birthday in a place like that. (I don't tell anyone that it is my birthday unless I'm asked - no cake or anything like that). My mother who lives in my home country now does that for me.

    The forum may say so, but I assure you that none of the members just 'obsess shallowly'. You should have read the thread about the girl who told her maid off for putting a crease in her LV!
  9. Well... I don't think they'll ever be a time when I want NOTHING! DH would probably rush me to the hospital thinking I was losing my mind...

    X-Mas & B-day presents usually (& hopefully) consist of money or atleast a GC because unless I TELL YOU TO GET IT, I will return it. Sad, pathetic, shallow but true.

    And I don't tell DH the price of bags so usually I don't point him in that direction. He still thinks my $3200 Suhali cost $300 used on eBay... so I left off a zero...
    DH has gotten me some very nice goodies but recently told me he likes to surprise me (which is sweet but scares me). He said its really bad when I actually go & buy the gift & then say "well thats my B-day gift".

    So... congrats to you for being so fulfilled! I wish I could reach that point & my wallet does too!

    Have a great B-day!
  10. It's so good that you are content with what you have. I wish I can be at that point. I'll save a lot more $$! I have a ton of bags/shoes/clothes that I don't have room in my closet and a lot of things are NWT but I still buy! I'm in the process of moving and donating a lot of stuff to goodwill since I'm too busy to ebay.
  11. I'm a greedy bastard, so there will always be things I want ;). God knows I don't need anything though. I like some of the ideas thrown around here. A special charity gift on your behalf would actually be pretty nice. Then again, so would a cat tower.
  12. You rock, Merika :tup::heart:
  13. If you feel you have enough "stuff" already, maybe a non- material gift, like a day trip with you and your boyfriend would be a good idea.
  14. sounds like you've reached satiation point... for now :smile:
    who was it that said happiness isn't about getting what you want, but wanting what you already have?

    hope you get to spend some quality time with your bf and happy bday!
  15. That's how my last Christmas was. I usually need something or want something really bad, but I couldn't think of anything. My SO got me a new bag, but I would never ask my family to spend that kind of money on me. It was nice being surprised though. My dad got me a nice set of luggage.
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