when you buy the pouchette, did you put on the strap? or the strap is already on the

  1. bag,

    the strap is already on my pouchette when i purchase it, just wonder how about your girls ?
    see the following picture, the strap is separate with the pouchette.
  2. seems like it is a stupid question, no body want to answer :smile:
  3. When I bought mine it was already attached. It didn't come with the clear plastic thingy.
  4. my dad said the sa attached it at the store before wrapping it up.
  5. I bought mine from Eluxury. The strap was already attached.
  6. Most of mine have been attached but I had to put my Azur one on myself.
  7. Awwwh it's not a stupid question. But mine have always been attached.
  8. the one i bought at bloomingdales in nyc wasn't attached, it was in the plastic thingy
  9. usually attached! what a cute panda!
  10. when i brought my azur one it was attached
  11. I think they're supposed to attach it for you when they wrap it up. An SA once put the strap on one of my pochettes the wrong way (with the little tail end pointing in towards the bag, rather than away) and it took me forever to figure out what was "off" about my bag!
  12. For my Mono and Cerises pochette they were attached, and my Azur was not!! I had a diffcult time putting it on because I was worried about creasing the strap. My Azur pochette came in the same way the pic you are showing, strap in a zip plastic bag. :biggrin:
  13. Lol that's so funny because that was the ONLY pochette out of all of mine that didn't have the strap on, either! :lol:
  14. my azur pochette came attached... however, i ordered it from elux. come to think of it, all my pochettes came with the strap attached.
  15. Mine wasn't attached to the mono one when i got it, I panicked lol, until i found it inside :biggrin: