When you buy shoes under US$150 per pair, do you expect leather sole?


Nov 2, 2006
Hi, ladies,

I was just wondering if you guys expect leather outer sole(the part where it touches the ground) on shoes that are under $150 per pair? Do Jessica Simpson shoes have leather soles? I found a really pretty pair of shoes from a local shoe boutique where they carry little bit of everything and imported shoes, and they are US$150, the brand name is something that I do not know or heard of and everything else is leather and satin over real leather(the upper part) except the sole. They are really sexy and well made. Should I get them?

By the way, do you guys go for only leather soles? Even on shoes that are under 150?



Jul 11, 2006
there are a few out there under $150 with leather soles, but not many.......of course you can find some at end of season sales in that price range. If the shoe seems well made go for it, I usually prefer shoes with a leather sole but it ultimately depends on the style of the shoe, some designer shoes don't have leather soles simply because it's not right for the style....