When you buy new Mono Mini Sac HL....

  1. does it come with lock and keys? Is this bag useful running light errands? would like inputs from those who love it? Thanks for any inputs!:smile:

    ( picture from Elux)
  2. yes, my mc came with one.
  3. I had one of these and sold it as it was too small. Cute but not useful for me.
  4. I'm going to buy one and use it as a makeup case in my larger bag. I just think it's sooo darn cute.
  5. A friend of mine bought one in monogram and it holds alot of stuff and yes it comes with lock and keys.
  6. Thanks for all your replies. i did chat with Elux and it did confirm that it comes with lock and keys. it is just too cute!
    Anyway I am considering another bag: pochette cite. somehow i just love the shape. i did search on this forum but nobody seems to have this bag!
    [​IMG]pix from elux

    It has leather lining! I might consider this also. It should serve my purpose: to take for my casual dinner out at the sushi restaurant!
    If any of you have this bag, please post picture modelling it. thanks a lot!
  7. The mini sac HL was my first Louis Vuitton bag, and I loved it! I don't carry much to begin with, but this bag was perfect for nights out, errands, etc.
  8. Does it look okayor rediculous on a petite 5' 4" 50 year-old lady? I usually wears blue jeans and black tops.
  9. they are cute, dont you think the handles will get in the way ?
  10. I think that is a cute bag, Nice for on days when you dont want to carry a big bag :biggrin:

  11. I would prefer the Cite on you... classier IMO.
  12. The Recital is a cute small bag too. I love mine!
  13. i had one but i didn't like it as it was way too small.
  14. This was my first LV purchase too!! I LOVE small bags, mine is a good 11 years old by now I think.....anyway, got a strap for it too and I still find this bag as useful as the day I bought it!
  15. I think it's cute..love it..