When you buy expensive clothes, do you want it to stand out?

  1. I normally buy cheap to middle-market clothes because I'm young and not rich. Most of the time I go for very simple, less-than-recognizable pieces... my style is very normal and simple.

    When I occasionally splurge (four-figure price tag), I tend to go for things that do not align with my normal wardrobe at all! For example, a St. John's coat (more formal/conservative than my normal taste), or a Dolce and Gabbana leopard print body-hugging dress (way too sexy/borderline trashy). I think it's because since I'm spending so much, I want something that is truly special among all my things.

    Do you do the same? Or are you someone who like to splurge on basics, but buy cheap trendy pieces? I realize the latter is probably the better purchasing philosophy to follow for longevity of the expensive items... but I can't help myself! What do you think?
  2. When I do splurge on clothes I do tend to purchase basic items that I knew will be in style for a long time. For trendy, its cheaper versions. If I had a lot of $$ it would be different or if I wasn't so much into bags. I can't have both unfortunatly. As for your ? do I wish to stand out, well, maybe. Sometimes it bugs me as I'll be wearing designer head to toe and someone will come in with cheap trendy and everyone will be falling all over her "OMG, I love your outfit, You dress so well, etc. etc. " Maybe because my things are basics, they are boring?
  3. I think you are looking at it from the right perspective. If you are going to buy something pricey then get a high quality stand out piece.

    For me I never go cheap on coats and would never spend less than $1000
  4. Well, it seems that everything I buy costs a lot of money! LOL, it's the story of my life.

    But I think you're right about investing your clothing money in pieces that have staying power and not spending too much on things that you'll wear for a season or two.
  5. Buy expensive basic's like a Chanel or St John jacket. Something that stands out but can be worn forever.
  6. no, actually not. The price tag does not change my style.
  7. i totally agree. it is something thats that expensive, i intend to have it around for awhile.
  8. Very interesting question! I want to be able to wear an expensive piece often... everyone seems to remember a truly spectacular dress, so I avoid buying anything that will make others smirk, "Oh, she's wearing THAT thing again..." I like clothes that go under the radar. Really beautiful TSE cashmere sweaters, Manolo Blahnik shoes, a neutral-colored Valentino dress, etc.
  9. I agree with the majority. I spend more on timeless classics that won't necessarily be noticed everytime I wear them. I won't change my style due to price tag.
  10. most of my clothes from H&M, Zara and Mango and people are always saying that my style stands out... so I don't think it's the price tag but the way you wear things that makes them stand out!
  11. I agree :yes:
    I buy what I like and I don't really think about it...
  12. If I buy something that's more expensive, I want it to be something that will last for YEARS. So everything that comes from Saks for me is something that can be worn alone AND paired with several other things. This way I get more wear out of it..something versatile, basic and good quality is okay to spend more money on. But if it's something that you cannot wear over and over without people thinking that's the only thing in your closet, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on it. :s
  13. You can definitely buy standout pieces that are also "basics." I love Missoni cardigans, and they can be worn forever. Same thing with Gucci black pencil skirts (Tom Ford -era, sexy details that hug your body just right).

    But I am not the most rational shopper. I buy what I like and what I'm drawn to. Evening dresses are those pieces that if you wear more than once around the same crowd, people will notice ... but I buy them anyway because I love them. That said, I tend not to buy the statement piece of the season because that is a dated look.
  14. Good point -- Missoni is a great example.
  15. sometimes i look at it in terms of cost-per-wear rather than if i splurge then is it going to be classic or trendy?

    If i buy i classic expensive jacket that costs me $800 and wear twice... at $400 cost-per-wear it hasn't been a great buy vs a $800 trendy leather jacket which i wear out for an entire season (cpw ~$15) - i'd say that's a great buy!

    obviously the classics redeem the cost-per-wear thing over a longer period of time compared to the trendy item.