When you buy a new bag is it 100% LVOE...


Aug 28, 2013
...when you get it home or does the LVOE have to come back around?

Sometimes I fall for items in the store then I get them home and start to question myself. It even has nothing to do with the amount I paid for the item. 9/10 times I quickly come back around to loving them. If I return sometimes I have felt sad and turn back around and repurchase the same bag!!!! Please tell me someone else does this or is it just me? :smile:


Oct 20, 2013
I have 2 of my LV bags that I didn't Lvoe as much after my purchase. The first is my Alma bb de, I have gone back and forth since I bought it. Mainly because of the size, I find the opening too small and hard to get things in and out of. I won't get rid of it though because I do think it's adorable. The second bag I started to have reservations after buying about a week or 2 later. My husband took me on a little LV shopping spree a few months ago, I already had an LV wish list going and the Brea MM was on it. I wanted amarante or blanc corail. I ended up getting the blanc corail and matching small zippy. While I think it is a beautiful bag, I just don't LVOE it. I realized too late for a return that I will probably never use it as it just doesn't fit me. I really wish I had realized this sooner and returned it. All of my other purchases I am still in LVOE with.


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Apr 30, 2014
The only purchase I made and returned because I regretted was the Eva Clutch. I bought it because it is really cute and classy but when I showed my husband he asked how much was that - I told him and he said you could have bought another big bag for just a little more, when you going to carry that thing (yes he called LV a thing). After I thought about it over night he was right - I exchanged the next day for the Delightful PM which was way more cost effective for me. Not really a clutch or cross body type woman. I now only make purchases I am going to love and use - I do not impulse buy any longer (not for this amount of money) - all my purchases are a process now and take months before I decide with several comparisons to be completely sure. I still like he Eva but have no intentions of purchasing in the future.

So yes it is 100%


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Oct 22, 2012
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With the way the prices are going, I can't afford to buy on impulse anymore. I've completely stopped ordering online because I must try the handbag prior to purchase now.

They're just too expensive to make a mistake and get something that doesn't work really really well for me, plus I must see the color IRL to decide on the correct color now.

I like the direction they're going with leather, but they're pricey so I have to be totally in love to purchase.

I've never returned a handbag that I've bought at the Boutique before so I guess this is working out for me.


Jun 5, 2014
I would say yes, it is 100% love for a bag when I get home. I think these are expensive items so I do spend quite a while researching (online and going to the store) and thinking long and hard about it. I have to make sure I love it before I commit.


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Jan 20, 2013
I do a lot of research before I decide on an item, so I have never regret any of my purchases.


Jan 10, 2014
Oahu, Hawaii
OMG this is so funny!
my husband bought me the eva clutch at first..
the next day I exchanged it for the Josephine wallet and got the difference back
that night I realized the Josephine wallet didn't work well with my alma bb
the day after that I returned the wallet and got the refund back
then TWO days later he took me and got the favorite MM!

it was hysterical!

so for me personally, sometimes I go in knowing exactly what I want and think i'll be in LVOE, but then i'll see something different and think about it all night!
i'll even youtube it and instagram search it! :roflmfao:


May 23, 2014
I usually let things marinate in my mental wish list long enough to really determine if I want the item or not, of course if I get to the boutique and decide the item doesn't work for me I'll walk away. LV is too pricey to not be 100% in lvoe with before buying lol


Mar 13, 2012
New England
I did with my Artsy only because at first it wasn't comfortable. I was totally in love with the bag itself but there was an adjustment period to break in the handle. Day 2 I was ready to pack her up and take her back to LV. Glad I didn't though.


Nov 24, 2011
Iy firsty lv bag is a mono speedy 35 . I went in to get a 30 and my sa convinced me to get a 35. I am 5 ish and i really liked the 30 but as it was a present from my hubby and my first lv i was reluctant to ask for what i want. I still have it and i have a fc speedy 30 and a vintage 25. But i regret the 35 but its mif and my first lv so its stays. I wish my sa would of just let me get the 30'.


Aug 28, 2013
Sometimes, no matter how much research and planning goes into it, once you get it in hand it just doesn't work. By then I'm usually bummed out all my planning was to no avail and my hopes were so high! Then I get very frustrated and go through a point of dissatisfaction with everything! But before you know it I am on a new bag to research lol!


May 2, 2014
Central Europe
Yes, for me it is 100% love, because I watch several videos, read dozens of reviews, and try it on with different clothes and purse organizers and with my stuff inside until I am 100% sure I want this bag and that I will use it until the cost-per-day ratio it as low as 1 Euro.

Regret over spending a lot of money on something I won´t wear or will tire easily of is an expensive and stupid waste of time :P
May 3, 2011
Glasgow, Scotland
I have the fortune of being gifted LV items by my mom, so I haven't bought a lot of items myself. But either way, I always have thought long and hard about the items that I wanted. The only thing that put me off of one of my items was when my Empreinte ZCP had a glazing item, I was just completely turned off - and since the item was deemed defective by LV, I could get an exchange.

Other than that, I've lvoed every items that I got from LV! :biggrin: