When you buy a new agenda..

  1. ..are the refills included or not?
    i want to buy the Groom one, but i don't know if it is only the "couverture" or it has the sheets inside :confused1:
  2. Not included. If you buy from Lv late in the year sometimes they give you that year´s refill for free.
  3. nope refills are not included. when you buy the agenda, you only get the agenda cover.
  4. thank you!
  5. aw that's crap!!! I'm planning to buy an agenda for a friend of mine, next week from the LV boutique in Athens! does anyone know how much the refills for the Couverture Agenda de Poche cost??
  6. yup, refills not included.
  7. I thought they give you a refill if you buy more than just the cover, like a bag and an agenda and another accessory. Anyway, it's up to the s.a.'s discretion.

  8. I don't think that's true.

    I think it's policy for the first time buyer of the agenda cover that if he buys the upcoming year's stuff, the current year's refill is free
  9. I'm actually planning on getting an LV agenda for the new year. Is vernis recommend or Suhali?