When you authenticate a bag in the store...


Jan 29, 2006
What do you say?

I've never done it before because I buy my bags from the store, but I'm thinking of ordering off e-bay.

Do you just honestly say, "I got this off Ebay, can you please authenticate?"

Are they nice about it? I'm scared they'll be so snotty I'll run out! :worried:
No, don't say ebay! I've heard that some stores will completely brush you off and tell you it's fake. The best way to go about asking is to just say you got it as a gift and you want to be sure you aren't carrying a fake :smile:
I have heard that if you take a bag in for authentication at LV and mention that you bought it on eBay, the SAs will tell you it's fake, even if there is a chance it could be real. I don't know if that's true or not. If you don't feel comfortable telling them you bought it on eBay, why not say that you found it at an estate sale, or that it belonged to your grandmother, who cleaned out her closet, doesn't use it anymore, etc. If the SAs are snotty to you, then they just need to get over themselves :P
i usually tell them i got it at a second hand store if it's a used bag. or someone gave it to me as a gift if it's new. those usually work. dior is pretty nice about it. gucci usually gives me attitude. fendi is nice about it too. haven't tried any other places.
BUT what if they say the bag is not authentic? How do you prove it to an Ebay seller? Will the manager or whomever actually take the time to write out a note?
I just had a bag authenticated. Because it wasn't a big company (Gucci etc.), I tried e-mailing detailed pictures of the bag direct to the company and, also, to the department store that deals with the bag.
I actually had a lot of good luck! The handbags buyer at the department store forwarded my e-mail direct to the company's master craftsman and he responded to me in person -- authenticated the bag verbally and was able to provide me with a lot of additional information about the bag. It was actually a lot of fun.
I don't think it's possible to get anything written down, however -- I read somewhere that most stores and companies won't do this and that ebay sellers who insist upon a written authentication are being dishonest? I'm not sure. So. Re: how to prove it to a seller -- I just don't know.
LV never give you something written and I doubt the others will but you can have it authencitated by mypoupette and as I know that will stand up in court, of course I wouldn't want to go that far.
Tanja said:
LV never give you something written and I doubt the others will but you can have it authencitated by mypoupette and as I know that will stand up in court, of course I wouldn't want to go that far.

yeah, ebay will take a statement from known and respected authenticators, not just the retail store itself. if i was ever to get a bag on ebay that i was unsure of and wanted authenticated, i'd tell them that it was a gift.
Generally speaking, retail stores will not officially authenticate bags. It actually puts them in a position of potential liability. I asked related questions about a Fendi spy (spoke to SAs and customer service reps of Fendi and NM).

NM customer service reps indicated that they guarantee any bag sold by NM is authentic. They (corporate level or store level) do not "authenticate" bags. They indicated that a buyer would need to go through the designer for authentication.

Fendi indicated that authentication would not happen at the store level. If you wanted a Fendi authenticated, the bag would need to be sent to Italy to be inspected by (someone, someplace...I don't remember exact details)...serial numbers would be traced there, etc.

I received virtually the same information about a Hermes bag.

There are individuals that are considered somewhat expert in the authentication process that may offer related services (and may charge a fee). For example, you purchase or are thinking about purchasing a Balenciaga bag...neither Barneys nor Balenciaga NY (store) "officially" authenticates bags, but would could send an email to dudeIloveyou, pay a small fee, and s/he will give you her opinion regarding authenticity.

The only "opinion" you can get at the store level is "well it looks good or not"...again, the stores don't want to provide you with an opinion that would put them in a difficult position... I wouldn't even take my bag to the store unless I had a good relationship with a SA there.
Is there any way you can call a Vuitton boutique and ask them if they would even look at a bag (that you got as a gift;) ) before you make a trip down there?
well i have had 2 experiences where the bag was NOT authentic, and i reply to the seller with a very scary email and they take it back and give me a refund. i never had to get anything in writing from manager or store.
I did buy an authentic LV from Ebay a couple of years ago (Speedy 40) and took it to LV to buy the strap. The SA picked it up and looked at it to attach the strap. She complimented me on it (nice condition, it had barely been used).

I already completely trusted the seller, but this was all I needed to 'know' it was real.

I suppose you could try that. Ask about a feature or minor repair (estimate). You'll find out indirectly, without putting the SA in the position of having to say 'yes' or 'no', which they really aren't allowed to do.

I guess you'll have to read the body language though, because they may find an indirect way to tell you it's not real.