when you arent carrying a mulberry......

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  1. Do you
    A. Seem to see more mulberry bags than normal.
    B. Wish you had yours with you.
    C. Get a case of bag envy.
  2. I am usually quite happy because my other bags are just as good.
  3. I only carry Mulberry these days, I stopped buying other bags because I just didn't use them and gave away the ones I already had - now they get the love and use they deserve from other people!
    I can't bring myself to spend big money on other brands - imo none are as lovely as Mulberry :biggrin:
    The only time I wouldn't take a Mulberry out would be if it's pouring - then (if I can't avoid going out!) I just use a plain red canvas shopper from M&S. And I always see women braver than me toting their Mulberrys in the rain and end up missing my own! Just too nervous to take them out when it's wet though....
  4. For me, if I spot Bays when I'm not carrying my Bays I feel as if I'm missing my part. Other Mulberry bags don't help - has to be Bays!! One trick pony - Me :lol:
  5. B
  6. ^^^very succinct hula!!!!

    I would say B and C!!!
  7. :lol:
  8. Maybe all the threads can be in the form of multiple choice questions from now on? They will be much shorter.
  9. Yes
  10. :tup:
  11. Hula has gone monosyllabic (sp?) today!
  12. :confused1: a sign of Swine Flu?
  13. Only if accompanied by high temp and sore throat!!!!
  14. Just
  15. a