When you are under the trees....

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  1. Watch out birds' doo doo! I mean it!

    I was waiting for a bus under the trees. I felt some slight water coming from the sky. I thought it might start raining. Because it was getting cloudy.

    Then I heard a small thing dropped around me. I didn't feel it. So, I thought some small thing fell out from the trees on the ground.

    OK. The bus came. I stepped in and sat down a seat. I put my Bal bag on my lap. OH, MY GOODNESS! BIRD'S DOO DOO ON MY BAL!!!

    I immediately removed it. Fortunately, it came off easily by tissue. My bags are sprayed water and dirt protection. The bag has some kind of protection layer from the bird's thing. But of course I have to clean the bag!

    Right after I came home, I dashed to my closet to get a leather cleaning wipe. I cleaned the area thoroughly. I will spray the bag again tonight.

    Ladies, when you are under the trees, watch out birds!
  2. Oh 'LoveM&S', that sucks ... but I would rather it plop on my bag versus my head (which happened to me one time). Good thing you got it cleaned up right away ...
  3. Oh grosss!!!! :yucky: Honestly, Id rather get it on my head-its good luck!!!
  4. That is so funny! I'm glad you could wipe it off the bag easily!
  5. Somehow, my existance makes a bird's bowel movement well. I have had this kind of accident several times. :jrs: When I talked about it to my hubby, in the middle of the story, he said "Again?"
  6. Birds! Our only common relationship with wild nature. To see how beautiful they are and to hear them sing....and to see them in big flocks....and see those little babies hatch and then get fed....I guess it's just our payment.
    Sorry you had to pay the bill this time. And very happy the bag survived the assault.
  7. Sorry to hear that…

    But just a point, bird droppings are acidic and might affect the leather even though they had been wiped off. But I have absolutely no idea how to remedy that. :shrugs:
  8. Woooooooooo......... It's scary to hear it, ieweuyhs!!!
    I think it is about five minutes it stayed on my Bal. I hope the protection spray did its job. I was tempted to wipe it by a hand sanitation wipe. But I thought it was too harsh for the leather. So I patiently waited to clean the area until I got home by a leather cleaning wipe.

    I will check that area closely for a while. I hope it didn't get damaged!!

    Ladies, seriously, watch out birds!!
  9. sorry this happen to you LoveM&S :Push: hopefully your bal recovered completely :flowers: and thank you for the reminder!