When you are the last person to post on a thread do you feel like...

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  1. When you are the last person to post on a thread do you feel like you are talking to yourself?

    I feel like I killed the conversation... Sometimes anyway.
  2. Yep! I am a huge thread killer!
    Welcome to the club :welcome:
  3. Yes! I always feel slightly guilty when I'm the last one...
  4. Sometimes. I was a member of this other site, Momsview.com. It seemed a thread could go on and on and as soon as I posted something, it ended! Never failed. I never go on there anymore as they seemed to be just as obsessed about cleaning products as we (tpf members) are obsessed about handbags!
  5. I feel like a big dork when I've killed a thread. Oh well, what can you do?
  6. LOL!

    Yes! I often talk to myself and I'm OK with it. I do not expect people to respond anymore...I did at first, but now I'm ok with being 'ignored' because I just move on to another thread or forum.
  7. hahah yes! Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  8. LOL!! I thought I was the only one who felt that way!!
  9. Yes! I always feel like this, lol.
  10. LOL! Just think of it as saving the best for last!
  11. I always feel like a thread killer! Now...is anyone gonna post after me?:s
  12. ^^ Posting just for you Tammy.

    I bet my post will be the last. lol.
  13. Yes, I always feel like a loser when I'm last! And it makes me crazy to see my longass screen name sitting there in the message list.

    OK someone please post after me!
  14. I feel lame because I feel like sometimes I post these really great things, or some pictures, and people don't even notice and respond to other people's most inane remarks. I don't get it :sad: Are people too lazy to read what I have to say?
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