When you are away from home, what do you miss the most?

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  1. I go overseas for work for 6 months at a time and really miss walking down the highstreet like a normal person, going to dance classes, seeing all the familiar shops and eating my favourite foods.

    I also miss my boyfriend alot, my brother, my neice and nephews.
  2. my puppy.
  3. My husband and sleep. I have a hard time sleeping when away from home.
  4. My bed...When I'm away from home I'm usually with my family ;)
  5. My furbabies! I worry about them a lot.
  6. I miss my doggies when I go away.

  7. I miss my family, bf & my doggie
  8. I miss my bed, my shower (I hate showering in hotel showers. The thought of other naked people in the shower before me grosses me out!) and my family. Oh and korean food that my mommy makes. :biggrin:
  9. my bed. iv slept well in some hotels but not as well as at home in my own bed.
  10. Just my family :smile:
  11. My 11 yr old Daughter....i hate to travel without her!
  12. The privacy of my own home, my bed, my bathroom, ect. I get really stressed out about these things.

    And my family, of course :heart:
  13. My husband and dogs...and my house.
  14. My bed, and my dog.
  15. Everything! Except work and school. =)