When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go : Britney

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  2. Then it was time to fill up the car with gas, then onto Vegas.

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  4. This is a new pic? She went dark again?
  5. Atleast she's wearing shoes this time....but Brit your going into the Mens Restroom LOL!
  6. ^ haha that's what I was thinking...at least she has shoes on.
  7. Britney makes me sad.
  8. She is too much!
  9. Well, I actually like her shirt, hate the jeans though.
  10. the hecks is up with her hair :cursing:
  11. I hate the way she looks with dark hair :yucky:
  12. Big deal she's gone into the men's washroom - would it have been better if she answered nature's call behind the bushes than use the men's facitlity if the women's were occupied?

    Hence the title !
  13. Thinking the same thing! LOL