When will Winter 06 bags be available?

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  1. Wow...I haven't even received my ink City to know if I LIKE the Balenciagas yet, but I was visiting the ateliernaff blog and saw that there is a blanc coming out this winter! If I end up loving my City, I will probably go for the blanc next. Does anyone know when these will start coming out? Should I call Bal NY and try to preorder one? I have never had a Balenciaga before, so I don't know what their time frames are or how the demand/supply goes...is it like Chloe where you need to order five months ahead just to GET a bag?
  2. hey ya
    i had to pre-order my twiggy cornflower - but it only took a week to get to me... mind you i live on the other side of the world... i dont think it takes that long for the bags to arrive... no more than a couple of weeks (i hope)
  3. I spoke to a BalNY SA two months ago when I was in the midst of pre-ordering an emerald bag (changed my mind though and cancelled afterwards) and asked her when would be a good time to call up to waitlist for the fall/winter bags and she said around may/june. The first bags probably won't start coming in until August.
  4. Someone will know when Bal NY started taking pre-orders last year for F05 bags... I would guess May/June-ish...
  5. Thanks! Do we pay when we pre-order, or when the bag comes in?
  6. Can anyone tell me what will be the hottest colors for Winter 06 for balenciagas?
  7. They will take your credit card info down when you pre-order, but you won't be charged until the bag is shipped.
  8. Thanks angstofgumby! Do they let you know first? Or do they give you a ship date?
  9. But they will not call you before the bag is shipped...if you change your mind, you need to call back, cancel, and make sure to take note of the cancellation code. (I had an emerald "issue" this spring...decided against once I saw the color IRL...they were very efficient with the cancellation process.)
  10. Ship date quotes are "approximates"... (approximate period of months that is when ordering in advance).
  11. I'm not even sure if it is necessary to order so far in advance any more. Either the supply has increased, or the demand has lessened, but I haven't heard any stories about people not being able to get the colors/styles that they were looking for this season. Of course all of this could potentially change, but I don't think there's quite the frenzy that there has been in previous seasons. The pre-Spring colors were released in the middle of December, and here we are at the end of March and people are still able to find the city style (the most popular style) in what seems to be all the colors.
  12. the easy availability this season may also be attributed to the leather situation- if the leather wasn't so spotty this season, it might be completely different... for fall- if the leather is good again and the colors are amazing- who knows what acquiring certain colors/shapes is going to be like- better safe than sorry!

    i'd get on some lists- it doesnt cost anything and then you are relatively assured one.
  13. The SA in Amsterdam said they should be getting the bags in June.
  14. A handbag-related downside to living in the US is that the new bags tend to arrive in Europe first...the upside is that we get to see some pics before having to make choices... I was so glad Brown's posted a pic of the emerald in time for me to cancel my pre-order... Other times, my initial preferences have been confirmed...
  15. SoCal, does Brown's have a website that I should add to my list?