When will we see Carlys in outlets?

  1. Hi. I am rather new to Coach and I love the leather medium Carlys. It's not quite in my budget to just buy one full price, and I am rather wary of eBay/Craigslist/etc. I was wondering what the cycle is typically for a new bag to make its way down to the outlets. Does it take a year or so after being completely new? Do some bags never get to the outlets? Can I assume even if a bag makes it to the outlets, you won't necessarily see all the colors and styles (just the ones that didn't sell at the store, right)? Sorry if this is a really elementary question. Thanks.
  2. Some bags never get to outlet and others (like the 06 Legacy bags) surprise us by showing up at the outlets. Carlys have shown up at the outlets but they've been suede or cotton sig like the denim and jade. I saw a camel leather one in the past also. I've never seen a choc sig or black sig or any khaki sig in the med or large sizes though...
  3. I don't think the Carly's will be going to the outlets for a while. They are the number one selling bags for coach as of late. The only styles that would go would be the seasonal looking carly's. Wait for the next PCE. 25% is a decent chuck for a 400 dollar bag.

  4. carly's won't go for at least two years, if even. stuff that was there when i worked 3 years ago just showed up at the outlets. don't count on waiting. it may never show.
  5. Your only hope of getting a signature Carly at an outlet is if one is returned there.

    My SA told me that I just missed one a couple of months ago. They sold it just before I got there. I asked my SA what the savings was and since it is still at retail the outlet savings is minimal under $40.

    So your best bet would be getting one at PCE if you want the bag sometime soon.
  6. Wow, that is good to know. I appreciate the perspective of all you posters who know so much about Coach!

    I didn't even think of that. I don't have a PCE card, but I will definitely see what I can do about acquiring one. Thanks!
  7. I bought the small carly in black at our outlet a couple weeks back. The SA said they've had a few of those but they're going fast. They also had the khaki/saddle one (also small) and a couple holiday patchwork carlys.
  8. I saw a few carlys at the Coach outlet in Indiana...I think they had about 3.
  9. Yup - just picked up a black Carly Demi for DD. They also had Khaki available.
  10. I'd just wait until PCE or the Macy's F&F.
  11. Macy's just had a F&F. How often do they do that?
  12. I got my beautiful tan suede Carly at the Aurora, IL outlet.
  13. call and ask!! I got sooooooooooo lucky with my carly! Someone bought it and returned it and I got it for $79!!! It is still in the stores and online for $179...you never know!
  14. Generally twice a year in November and April/May (i think)
  15. Thanks. The Macys where I live has about 5 bags, but the one about 20 minutes away has lots. If I feel I NEED a new pure then I will drive there.:tup: