"When Will We Be Satisfied?"


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Aug 11, 2007
The Dirty South
Well, this month marks my one year anniversary as a member of tPF, and I can honestly say, it has been a blast! I have loved being here and making so many PF friends!
I have always been a handbag fanatic, but here I have learned about some more obscure brand names that I would have probably never heard of or learned about otherwise. I am the proud owner of many Linea Pelle and Hayden-Harnett bags; both are brands I learned from here.
Over the past year, I have had fun buying many bags online; some of which have been fabulous, and some have been true stinkers and in turn, they were returned, sold or given away.
Looking back over the year, there has been 3 memorable times when I have said to myself (and my husband), "OK, I am satisfied with my collection. I have one of each color and all the styles work well for me and I am done for now". Only to turn around and buy something else, then go thru the whole process again.
I actually find it so much fun!
My tastes are changing and evolving almost too quick for my bank account! LOL!

My question to you is:
When will we be satisfied?
Has anyone here ever said, "OK I am done" and really meant it? Or is it a passion that we have, so we keep looking and finding more bags that we must have? Is there anyone else out there like me who will sell a bag from their collection, just so they can go out and get another one?
Nov 24, 2006
Never, LOL! Just kidding. I think eight to ten is enough for me; I have three right now and will get another this year. I have good self-control in bags I think, but I know what you mean! Hats are my thing; I will have twenty hats by this winter, and all of them designer! :wtf: I'm just hoping that I will keep my word and really not buy any more now. One can only hope! :shame:


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Mar 21, 2007
I'm totallly satisfied with my collection but am I done? No way.

I've loved handbags since I was a kid but joining tpf introduced me to bags, boutiques and codes! I bought a lot of bags just to find that some didn't work for me and they were sold or gifted.

I think 5 or 6 great bags is the perfect collection. After recently selling a bunch, I still have over 30 but I won't part with these. I sold the ones that I knew I would never carry for one reason or another.

Will I sell a bag to fund another purchase? I doubt it, I love what I have now.

I think I may get one or two bags per year from now on...


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Feb 27, 2006
Bay Area, California
happy anniversary!!!

i think maybe one day you'll be able to manage your bank account and mange your spending. then you'd be a domestic goddess.

i think you truely have a passion for bags. don't look back and compare yourself to anyone that doesn't have such a passion like you because they'll never understand. maybe that's why you think there's an enough point. i honestly think there isn't! LOL. there will always be other bags to want and that's just the reality of things.

so, to answer your question, i think it's a two folded question you've asked. satisfied usually results in an end, but i think to revamp the definition for us purse lovers would be a better call. i think satisfaction to a purse lover should be just being pleased with their collection, and also always manageably pleasing themselves for more purchases to come in the future.


Sep 14, 2006
Chicago, IL
No matter how satisfied you are at one point, there will always be another bag popping up somewhere down the line that you will "need" to have. Well, that's my POV anyway.

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Aug 17, 2008
Congrats on your Purse-iversary!

For me, as a newbie, I have been here TONS this week reading. (This is my escape during a difficult week.) I have picked out the bags I love and will use and, thus can loosely say, need. 5 Ignes in varying colors/styles. A Coach Ergo. And a leather wristlet. Beyond that, I see styles and designers I love, and if I get a killer price, I'll go for it. It will be at least a year to acquire the bags I seek, the ones I know I will use tons, and the ones that will last and go to granddaughters one day. But I'm always on the lookout for an awesome HH, Tano, LP deal.

So that's when I'm satified ;)...when I get myself the Ignes, a group of mostly classic very useable colors, in hand...lol...and then the fun of filling in with trendy fun deals.
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Jul 10, 2007
On the farm in North Carolina
I know I will never be finally satisfied.

I've gone for periods of time w/o purchasing a bag. I've done it for 2x for an extended period of time. The first time was when we were building our home, which was from December 2005 to August 2006. The second time was from September 2007 until July of 2008. The second time around was just when nothing was striking my fancy.

I know my purse addiction is for life. It's been around since I was 14, it isn't going anywhere. I'm ok with that. :love:


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Sep 30, 2006
Never ;)

As soon as I think I have gotten my hands on my most wanted, something else pops up that I must have . . . it is a never-ending cycle!

Happy anniversary :smile:


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Feb 26, 2008
As long as bags continue to be made.... I will always be able to find something I want! However, I tend to fall in love with a brand and buy a LOT at the beginning and then fade away... for example, I'm very content with my Coach collection at the moment. I love the pieces I have (although I have a few I could get rid of) and haven't bought a new Coach bag in a while. However, I still buy Coach accessories and Tano is my new obsession!


Nov 18, 2007
Colorado Springs
Well right now I'm done for awhile. I'm not craving a new bag. Yea, I want those in my sig.. but more it's more of a "one day" type of situation. I'm definitely cool for now.
Sep 13, 2007
The prairies of the Midwest
I collect jean jackets and right now I have ten. Whenever I see a jacket I like I ask myself 'Is that cuter than the cutest jackets in my closet?' Thankfully the answer is usually no.

I try to do that with purses too. I always think 'Is that cuter than the cutest purse in my closet?'

If no I try to conjure the voice of my mother in my head, the voice that scolded whenever I found something in the store I just had to have, "NO! You CAN'T have that!"

This is how I've talked myself out of many, many purchases I didn't need.

Of course the occasional unnecessary purchase slips through. But I try to keep focusing on those life-saving words "NO! You CAN'T have that!"


Feb 13, 2008
New York
Happy Anniversary:party::jrs::happydance:!!!!!!!!! Regarding the post- I find that I love bags just as much as I love buying jackets- And every season my own personal taste and style may be different- and What the designers may put out there might be as well- So I always feel like there could be room for one more KWIM?
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Jun 3, 2008
On Gobby's Paw
My collection is still growing there are so many bags that I want to try and own. Plus, if you are collecting something does it really ever end? Part of the excitement is acquiring something new and than moving on to the next. If I no longer enjoy hunting down the next acquisition then I know it is probably time for me to stop and move on. But, until then I shall keep going!