when will this come out?

  1. How much will it cost? TIA
  2. I'm still waiting on this. It'll probably come out when the patchwork is released.
  3. oooh that's a cute clutch! i would assume also that it'll come out with the patchwork line.
  4. i dunno how much it is but i DO want one!
  5. I'm not sure but that is CUTE!
  6. I thought I read on PF that this did not make it into production??
  7. REALLY?:wtf:
  8. I think I read somewhere as well that it didn't make it :sad: I can't remember who found that out...but it was a while back. I also don't remember seeing it in the Look Book either.
  9. That is a shame that if it really does not make it into production. That would be probably the piece that I would have liked the most from this line.
  10. yep...it's on my wishlist!:sad:
  11. I know! Me too!!!!!!!!
  12. It is really cute.
  13. Oh this is sooo cute! I wish this was out!!
  14. Yeah I don't think it made it into production... :sad:
  15. Phew, I'm glad :sweatdrop: for my sake. That would be another thing I'd definately want and I'm :banned:.