When will this bag be in STORES? (Black Jumbo Patent Upside Down)

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  1. Hey all,

    Do you have any info about this bag?
    When will it come out in the stores?
    Is it Jumbo Size Patent?
    Where is the opening? If I had to take a guess, the CC clasp is a dummy and the bag is actually a tote from the top. Please tell me if I am wrong!
    Want to put my name on WL for this bag.

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  2. Which collection is it from? Spring/Summer? PreFall?
  3. It's part from SS09 Act II, so it will come out in March.
  4. actually this is the only bag I like in SS09 (so far).... hope to hear more info too.
  5. From the runway pics, it looked more like a med/lg than a jumbo. My SA actually told me many asked about that bag. And I "think" he said they are getting it.

    ETA : ^ Really, S? I would've never guessed you'd like it! I was a bit surprised too when my sis said she wants one.
  6. Haha.. yes I like it... not sure if I will buy it though :smile: have to see more pics to decide.
  7. Wait, how do you open that? Wouldnt your stuff shift inside it? Its definitely odd.
  8. Hmmmm, I don't know if I like this.
  9. Hmm.... wow this is odd looking, :weird:guess I have to see it IRL:confused1:
  10. Upside down is a trendy vertical version of the Chanel icon.
    Side flap hiding vertical zip pocket.
    Available in black or white.
    # number A46703 and size : 25,5 x 17 x 4 !

    Act II SS 2009 and it's a March Novelty.
  11. u know what, i like this bag, its so edgy!
  12. but then again, i think it'll only look good if it was held like its was a tote or sumtin. i cnt imagine how itd look like worn on the shoulders..
  13. This is just.. weird ?
  14. yeah.... imho, its weird.. cant think of better design maybe??!! :thinking:
    definetely need to see it irl..
  15. That is so odd looking hehe.