When will they have the spring colours in the UK?

  1. I went to Selfridges the other day and they didn't have vert d'eau, french blue nor aquamarine. Any ideas when they'll become available over here? TIA :flowers:
  2. ^^ :sad: have you tried Harvey Nics? I'm not sure when the new colours will be in, but they should be coming soon!! Fingers crossed! I am dying to see them!
  3. Oh no I haven't tried Harvey Nics yet. Will do :yes: I can't wait to see them too!!
  4. I know that at harvey nichols in london had the 07 black city but I am not sure about the other colors.
  5. Well, Harvey Nics in Leeds has had several GH bags in marine, cafe, french blue and white. So London should have some shouldn't they?
  6. i bought my Vert Gazon from Tedstar on eBay.. shes British so im guessing she bought it in the UK?? Would you like me to find out?
  7. ^^ Yes please! I have bought from her before and I have a feeling she buys some BBags from Browns....might be worth trying there for current BBags??
  8. I actually tried to email Browns for their current stock but they haven't replied. It might be a good idea to have a look there though. Thanx!
  9. They are quite slow with their emails, but let us know how you get on!:yes:
  10. i'll email her now for you! :smile:
  11. The definitely have French Blue, Marine and Cafe in HN Edinburgh, if that helps...
  12. Oh good! That must mean that they will have them in the HN in London soon hopefully!:nuts:
  13. Was just about to say the same thing I nearly bought the french blue day with GH so I know they have some current colours. In the end I got pretty fed up and ordered my french blue twiggy from BalNY and it didnt work out that expensive even with customs! I have never found a lovely SA in any of the London stores yet!
  14. I am desperate for the Work in french blue with gold GH.
    I emailed HN, Selfridges, Matches, Harrods and Browns- and no=one had one (this was early last week)
    If you find one please let me know and I will love you forever!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. I can't wait to go to Leeds and check them all out! Not going for ages though :sad: