When will the wait-list will open?

  1. I did a search in this forum but came up empty.

    I would like to know when the list will open up again.

    Does Hermes make an announcement, or do we have to call and inquire?
  2. I'm confused though, I've walked into Hermes in HI before and seen birkins for sale.....Is it possible to just come accross one that's not "reserved"? Or maybe it wasn't most desireable, it was a grey taupe color like 35 size...
  3. That happens to me all the time. I live near the store in Tyson's Corner, and I have walked in numerous times and seen bags (Birkins) on the shelves waiting to be sold.

    I get soooo confused, so I too have concluded that the ones readily available are the least desired bags.
  4. This one was beautiful, if I was in the market for a birkin I would have considered it. I think it was one of the less expensive leathers, I recall it being somewhere in the ballpark of $8,000. I may be wrong on the size, I was very casually asking about it but I remember being surprised it was there and the price she told me seemed lower than I thought but I don't know THAT much about Hermes.
  5. I think if you are not picky about size/color/hardware/leather, you don't really need to be on a list as you can get lucky if you pop in to the H store on the regular bases. I am sure everyone on here is sick and tired of hearing my story about my first visit to Hermes in Toronto: I wasn't looking for anything at that time, just came in to have a look, and the store just happen to have every size of Kelly and Birkin bags in several dif. colors.:nuts: Just keeping checking. You never know!:graucho:
  6. Adding more confusion, some managed to get onto the waitlist now & then. So-called waiting list closed, confusing.