When will the squeaking stop?!?!

  1. I just bought a khaki/white Bleeker flap and it squeaks! Does anyone else have this problem? Does the squeaking ever stop? It gives me the sceevy jeevys!
  2. Yes, it will eventually stop once the leather breaks in. I had a leather Chelsea bag that did that.
  3. Try rubbing some Apple where the shoulder strap meets the rings...it just needs some moisturing there!!!!
  4. I have had that happen with a few of my other bags.. carly and chelsea.. it gets better..
  5. haha I know what you mean!! It will go away once it's worn in..
    on the other hand.. it is the sound of a BRAND NEW baby... yummy:nuts:
  6. Phew! Thank goodness. I am waiting for my Apple products to arrive, someday! lol
  7. The strap on my new patchwork bag is doing this too, its so annoying!
  8. again, use the apple where the strap meets the brass loops.....just be careful w/ the patchwork part!!!!
  9. Glad to see this thread... My Carly has been squeaking since Christmas. It's getting a bit better, but the noise is still there. It can be a little annoying at times, but it's all okay because it's Carly and I love her :smile:
  10. Wow I never had this problem or maybe I just didn't pay attention.
  11. mine does it too.
  12. Many have mentioned before about the Carly squeaking. People says that it eventually goes away with use. I've been using my Carlys quite a bit and they still squeak! One of them is really loud, the other one is not so bad.
  13. My Carly squeaks too. I just pretend she's talking to me!
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    Are we humanizing our coach too much? :nuts:
  15. Too cute! I remember a while ago when everyone was posting about their Carlys squeaking, and I kept listening for mine to make a noise and it wouldnt!!!