When will the second shipment be in?

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  1. I know it's confirmed that some (if not most) of the boutiques will receive a second shipment of Miroir...does anybody know of the general time frame that the stores will receive it?
  2. The manager of my Store said the shipments will trickle in between now and
    Jan 1,2007.Every item in the Mirior line arriving during this time frame have been paid for in advance,and the shipments will be small ones.
  3. I think every store is different. I know Valley Fair got 2 shipments already and is waiting on the third. So it really depends.
  4. My store got 2 shipments and they said that was it, and they were all presold
  5. Okie Dokie...so I just called all the stores in Western Canada (because I know my situation is hopeless if I call TO and Montreal stores) and all of them except the Edmonton and the Calgary Holt Renfrew have already gotten their first shipment and are expecting their second. The SAs were very kind but did definitely give me the impression that they didn't want to deal with anyone who wanted to find out about Miroir because the first thing they asked was "Are you on the waiting list? If not...then..."
  6. Karman, TO got their 2nd shipment today, coz my SA left me a msg to go pick up my Silver Speedy :yahoo:

    When I spoke to her about my gold papillon at the party this previous Monday, she told me to be patient (it's coming). However, today she didn't mention anything about a gold papillon....

    So my theory is, there will be at least a 3rd shipment to TO.... :yes:
  7. wait, does that mean that people not on a waiting list have a chance of getting a miroir?
  8. Even though TO is getting another shipment still...my chances of getting Miroir is like next to nothing now...because if Banff doesn't get a second shipment, I'm pretty much...done.
  9. Karman, I wouldn't give up just yet. Banff has not disappointed me so far.. just be patient awhile longer :yes:

    TO getting more shipments is good news.. coz the faster I get all my bags, the sooner I can bug my SA for a silver pochette for you :idea:
  10. I just called my SA at Holts and begged her to help me get my bag.
    She said she can't control stock (and that they don't have one single piece in right now) but she confirmed that I was put on the VIP customer list and in addition highlighted my name "to make sure that I get my bag" but that "she cannot do anything at the moment because they have no stock".
    I just kept begging her and telling her how I've seen the bag so many times and I will definitely buy it when I have the chance and she made me feel a lot better but *sigh* I am really feeling more and more hopeless. :crybaby:

    Thanks so much middlemouse...my dream come true would be if Banff, Calgary AND you tell me the SAME DAY that there's a silver pochette available for me! :nuts:

    That would be lovely...but I really do hope I get it from the Holts LV since Emiko has helped me SO much and she is just so awesome.