When will the red Jumbos be in?

  1. I'm waitlisted for a red caviar Jumbo, and I was just wondering if anyone has heard when these might possibly be in. Can you tell I'm getting a little anxious?:graucho:
  2. Me too Tammy. I only heard that they will start coming in "sometime in March".
  3. ^that is for Chanel Boutiques, right? My SA at NM told me "not for a while, more like in April", my NM just now started to receive Paris B Collection.
  4. Okay, March isn't so bad since we're almost there! Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
  5. Nordstrom SA told me its gonna be here sometime between March thr May. Hope its gonna be here soon!
  6. wait I was in Neimans and the SA told me that they were not making that bag. I so think she was WRONG.. Anyway- this is going to be the REGULAR RED CAVIAR JUMBO FLAP- the one like Mary Kate/Ashley share..
    If so I gotta get on the waitlist !!!! ASAP I was going to buy the beige JUMBO but NOT NOW !!!! red is IT
    Oh la la baby.. Thats the bag I have been dying to get !!!!
  7. one more question, anybody know the approximate cost ?
    will it be the same as the ones now at 1750 ???
  8. Where are you guys waitlisting? I want to get on the list too! Is this for the one w/ the new chain??? :drool: :drool: :drool:
  9. 800 chanel told me its going to be $2450?!!!! IS that right? Or is she wrong?
  10. fyi ladies
    i just spoke with SA from Neimans, Nordstroms and Saks and this red flap will be the peforated leather.. not caviar or lambskin.
    boo hoo
  11. Tammy, my SA told me that it's part of Act 2 so it won't be in anytime soon.
  12. I'm waitlisted on NM. The price on my pre-order receipt says $1850.
  13. Act 2 starts to filter into the stores around March, I think. Nordstrom in Seattle is getting 3 in the jumbo size in red lambskin (not perforated). I'll try to attach the pdf file I have for it. (nope, can't do it) It's $1850. The red perforated was part of act 1 and is $1895.
  14. I'm waitlisted in at the boutique in nyc for a red E/W with the new chain straps... I heard possibly March, but who knows! I would looove a medium in caviar, but I have no idea where I could find one, and/or if it is being done in caviar!

  15. My SA at NM told me end of March. I thought I had ordered the lambskin, but I guess it was the caviar.