When will the next batch of reissues come out?

  1. Will Chanel be stocking anymore reissues this Winter, or will we have to wait until Spring/Summer? Also, will they be the same as past reissues or different? Thanks
  2. i would love to know these answers also!! i am desperately waiting to see the dark red and purple reissues!!!!
  3. I can't wait to see the red and purple too, i imagine it to be stunning colours though.. when? when? :hysteric: :hysteric:
  4. I'm not bothered about the new colours, I just wanted to know when the normal black ones will be coming out and if they will be the same as past reissues?
  5. i was told by the SA in sydney that the new colours for flaps/reissues are coming out in late february 08 in sydney. but i haven't had anyone else confirm it.
  6. I was told they would be out sometime between January and March. Spring/summer trunk shows will be in January. Possibly a few in December.
  7. I have called the 1800 Chanel in US and the customer service told me that the reissue will be out in Jan to March.
  8. well, since we're in the topic of new reissues, does anybody know around how much these new re-issues will be?
  9. 228 will be 3495
    227 will be 2850
    226 will be 2695
    225 will be 2250

    My SA told me they could start arriving late November.
  10. Wow.....ard late nov? Then i better start calling my SA from chanel store to check on this....:nuts::nuts:
  11. Does anyone know if this is the same for the UK/Europe?
  12. Late Nov? I wonder which ones NM will carry...need to call up my SA, and then put myself on those waiting lists. I am lusting for the purple one, and the black...and...
  13. eeeps! i might want to get my hands on the 225! acks, since it's metallic and i'm no fan of one, i think metallics would look fab on a small tiny bag though! ;)
  15. Thanks ladies for the info(esp honeybunch for bringing it up:heart:)!I'll ask about them too as soon as I drop by the B! ANY INFO ANYONE ABOUT EUROPE???TIA!