When will the new catalogue be in stores?

  1. Any idea when a new catalogue might appear in Coach stores? Next week I hope...
  2. me too lol
  3. When you order one, online (is that the new one)?
  4. If you order one online, they send you the current one. I don't know if the new one will have any new stuff though or just be a 'remake' of the last one that came out. Most of the stuff in the last one hasn't hit stores yet and a few things can only be found online by doing a search. A SA can probably give some clarification for us! I'm hoping my local Macy's will have some new goodies since I don't live near a Coach boutique!
  5. I got one with a different cover with the pages rearranged with one of my PCE orders.
  6. I'll find out tomorrow when I'm at the outlet.
  7. Yes, Please and let us know.
  8. Mid-End of april is when the summer one comes out.
  9. ouch... we gotta wait that long? lol.
    Oh well, gives me time to replenish my slush fund after hitting it pretty hard during pce. :smile: