WHEN will the new bags land at BalNY ????

  1. Ok, I know that the official line is that the new Fall 06 bags won't arrive at BalNY until "late July or early August." But some of you savvy PFers have hinted in other threads lately that you've heard it could be much sooner--even as soon as next week. So please SPILL any new intelligence you've got!
  2. I posted on another thread that Sarah, my SA at BalNY, said they will begin to receive pre-fall bags this week (she wrote this on Thursday). These colors include: truffle, grenat, greige, blueberry, fire engine red and sapin.
  3. Shoegal, that's music to my ears. I've preordered a grenat City. Should I just wait for my SA Daphne to call me??
  4. lol call them!! demand to get the thickest, softest one they got! ;)
  5. Daphne told me yesterday that it would be the first or second week in July.. Maybe the SA's don't even know for sure?
  6. we should call in shifts everyday and report when they come in!
  7. Better yet, can't some of you who live in NYC start staking out 542 West 22nd Street and report back when the truck finally rolls in???

    Seriously, I worry about calling there too often and getting on their sh**-list.
  8. Usually Sarah is right on the mark - she has been my SA for a few years and has been accurate. I'm sure the colors will roll in, she wasn't sure what would arrive first, but they are expecting some this week. However, as with everything else customs can be a problem. I remember shoes I ordered sitting for weeks!
  9. I feel you! I'm dying to know whether the new bags will have good leather too.

    For those living in L.A., does anyone know when Barney's Beverly Hills will get the new bags in? Thanks!!!
  10. The fact that Balenciaga has so few retail outlets--and just a skeleton of a website--means that there's a lot of misinformation out there. Guess its all part of the Balenciaga "mystique"--and why thousands of us log on here for answers!

    Does anyone think that the BalNY SAs monitor this site? Just wondering...
  11. Perhaps, if not now then they should...I would.
  12. 0o0o how exciting! i might ring Sarah 2moro! Liz, was my SA but she told me shes moved up in the Balenicaga world! I havent spoken to Sarah before... but i'm looking forward to it! weeee heee... this is very exciting!!! new colours!